Ana de Armas’s career: From ‘El internado’ to her great leap to Hollywood

In less than a week, Anne of Arms will premiere in Blonde on Netflix. A film with clear interpretive aspirations towards oscars 2023. In this fictional biopic, the Cuban-born actress gets into the skin of Marilyn Monroe, the myth of classic Hollywood. With an overflowing talent, a lot of work and an angelic charisma, the actress he has put the entire mecca of cinema in his pocket, producers and filmmakers included. Everyone wants the one from Havana in their productions, which is surprising considering that just over a decade ago, I was working on series for the Spanish small screen.

The Spanish small screen

Elena Furiase and Ana de Armas in ‘El internado’ (Antena tres)

At the age of 18, Ana de Armas left Cuba and moved to Madridwhere he would soon acquire national fame thanks to The intership. The Antena Tres series hooked millions of Spaniards and had seven seasons. In addition to her, from that story of mystery and suspense other national actors emerged who are currently successful, such as Martiño Rivas, Yon González, Blanca Suárez or Elena Furiase. Later, she would appear in Hispania, another homeland series that lived off the success and trend of other phenomena such as the Roma series.

They would spend some years residing in Los Angeles and perfecting your englishbut after a titanic effort, he finally made the leap to Hollywood.

The jump to Hollywood

the unseen agent
Ana de Armas in ‘The invisible agent’ (Netflix)

The first notable appearance was neither more nor less than sharing a cast with Keanu Reeves in Knock Knock. The film did not have much impact, but two years later it had a small but relevant role in one of the most relevant works of 2017: blade runner 2049Denis Villeneuve. Giving back to Ryan Goslingde Armas was a vitally developing virtual assistant in the late sequel to the Ridley Scott-directed sci-fi classic.

the consecration

Anne of Arms
Ana de Armas and Daniel Craig in ‘Daggers in the Back’ (Legendary Pictures)

blade runner 2049 was the world showcase and daggers in the back gave him the ultimate starring role in an all-star cast. She was simply the protagonist of the best sequence of James Bond: No Time To Die and returned to share a cast with Gosling in the unseen agent, the most expensive movie in Netflix history. Ana de Armas is unstoppable and could get her first Oscar nomination for Blonde within a few months.

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Ana de Armas’s career: From ‘El internado’ to her great leap to Hollywood