An expensive slap in the face: what Will Smith lost

was supposed to Will Smith only glory awaited him after becoming the best leading actor – something that was expected since before the ceremony – on Oscar night. It would have been so if the slap in the face that shook the entire film industry had not taken place.

The Oscar he won was supposed to put him in a kind of Olympus of actors. Maybe he would represent a few or many more dollars in his acting fee or bring him more proposals to act in future productions. But the balance of the events that occurred at the awards gave more weight to the slap than to the statuette obtained by Smith. What’s more, it weighed much more than all the statuettes delivered that night together.

And the effect was not only seen in the rain of media information about the fact that turned the awards that stand out for the best of cinema into accessories and the slap into the protagonist, analyzed even by experts in body language and conspiracy theorists. Sadly, it became the only thing that many will remember from that night.

Will Smith won’t be able to forget either. It wasn’t many minutes after one of the most fleeting, and now quite expensive “performances” of his life, when he received the Oscar. The first thing he missed was any celebratory speech that he had prepared to accept the award. Although he didn’t apologize immediately-rather his speech was dedicated to justifying the slap alleging that love led him to do crazy things and to protect…- he couldn’t enjoy the moment either. It was already bittersweet, the viewers still trying to wake up from the shock of what they had witnessed.

There was talk that the Academy should have asked him to leave immediately (even before knowing that he would be awarded as best actor). It was said that they did ask him out and that he refused. He later denied. It was revealed that the also actor Denzel Washingon came to comfort him… or to ask him to solve this crisis caused by his impulsiveness at once, because Smith could not measure the consequences of this act.

The consequences have come one after another throughout the week that has passed since then: The Academy that awards the prizes launched a disciplinary investigation and set a date to reveal its decisions.

Smith, who had already missed the expected happy celebration, saw how that image of friendliness that he cultivated for more than three decades came to the ground. His colleagues were outraged. The justification for having acted to protect his wife fell short of the many possible alternatives to his behavior. It was not enough that a day later he went out to apologize on social networks, even with Chris Rock.

Will Smith lost his place as a member of the Academy. Before being expelled (something that was considered highly probable), on Friday the 1st. April the actor made public his resignation. And the academy accepted the resignation immediately, although he said that he would internally continue with the disciplinary process that was already underway for having violated his standards of conduct.

Outside the Academy, the 53-year-old actor will no longer be invited to screenings and promotion events for new films. He, too, will not be able to vote to choose the nominees and winners of future editions of the Oscar. But, he does not lose his right to be nominated or winner in the future. Nor is it believed that he will be stripped of his newly acquired Oscar for his work in King Richard.

However, Smith lost something else: In less than a week, two of his ongoing projects were cancelled.

Will Smith and Martin Lawrence return recharged in a new adventure in the action saga that was also previously known as Two Bad Cops.


The actor of unforgettable productions like I’m legend He was until before the Oscar ceremony the protagonist of a film that was being shot: Fast and Loose. This Netflix production was already facing a stumbling block: it was going to be directed by David Leitch, but the director resigned. Even so, it was looking for how to continue with another director, until the night of the Oscars. After Smith’s incident with Chris Rock the project was put on hold indefinitely.

Another production that remained up in the air was a new installment of bad boys-saga starring Smith and Martin Lawrence-. Reports indicate that the best actor of the 2022 Oscar had received a large part of the script (40 pages), but that the production was on hold.

Movies already in pre-production are also likely to have a delay in coming out, perhaps while things cool down. It would be the case of emancipationdirected by Antoine Fuqua, for Apple.

However, there is no shortage of the wave of people who want to see the performances that Will Smith did in the past. For the sample: the film of 2019 Gemini Project, that recently uploaded to Netflix and has managed to rank in the first places of audience in several countries.


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An expensive slap in the face: what Will Smith lost