June 18, 2021

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Amber Midthunder to star in Dan Trachtenberg’s new Predator movie

Amber Midthunder to star in Dan Trachtenbergs new Predator movie

Before Shane Black’s Predator came out, a new project codenamed Skulls, produced by 20th Century Studios, was already in the works.

Under the code name Skulls, has been cooking since 2016 a new film of Predator, even before the last film in the saga directed by Shane black.

The new installment of Predator will be directed by Dan Trachtenberg, who has been in charge of such disturbing films as 10 Cloverfield Street or the chapter of Black Mirror: Playtesting. And that’s it It has been confirmed who will be the lead actress of the tape: Amber midthunder, whom we have seen embodying Kerry Loudermilk in the series of Marvel Legion and who currently plays the role of Rosa Ortecho in the series Roswell, New Mexico, being the mini series of Fargo IV among his latest works, along with the film yet to be released by The Ice Road.

The film will soon begin filming in Canada, specifically in Calgary, Alberta. The film will place us in a Comanche tribe where a young woman – presumably Amber Midthunder – will decide challenge gender roles and the traditions of her tribe to become a warrior. For now, this scant description is the only thing we know about the project. Skulls, which contrasts quite a lot with that of Predator from 2018, in which a boy brings back predators and a group of ex-soldiers with the help of a science teacher try to save the earth.

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The film is produced by the studio 20th Century Studios, this being one of its first releases since it was bought by Disney. They are currently also working on other projects such as the reboot of Home alone in order to Disney + and the new movies of Avatar from James cameron, whose first installment should see the light at the end of next year, although before we will have West Side Story from Steven Spielberg which already has a trailer and release date for this year.