Amber Heard says Johnny Depp intimately assaulted her with a bottle

Amber Heard says Johnny Depp intimately assaulted her with a bottle. In tears, the actress testified for the second time before the jurybut on this occasion she said that her ex-husband physically attacked her with a bottle of liquor, after he had a fit of rage, which caused him to consume alcohol.

The actress narrates that this incident occurred in March 2015 in Australia, when he was filming the fifth Pirates of the Caribbean movie. It all happened the day that Deep ended up without the tip of his middle finger, a moment that, according to the actress, Depp took advantage of to write inappropriate messages with blood on the walls of the house. Though she wasn’t awake when she got her finger cut off.

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Heard explained that she had taken sleeping pills that day.but suddenly the actor attacked her, while she started to struggle, but then he threw her against a ping-pong table and broke it, at which point he tore off her nightgown: “I couldn’t get up. I thought he was beating me” in the intimate area until she realized that he was attacking her with a bottle.

He stated that because of the fight he saw broken glass from bottles: “I just remember thinking: ‘Please, God, please, don’t break’.” She narrates that Deep’s security team finally arrived.. It was all because Johnny insulted her and said that she was supposedly “anyone” because he had intimate encounters with co-stars in his movies, like Billy Bob Thornton, Eddie Redmayne or James Franco.

However, Depp denies assaulting her in any way and says he cut his finger when Heard threw a bottle of vodka at him. During the trial, Heard also said that the actor surrounded himself with an entourage of facilitators to protect him. of the consequences of their use of illegal substances. She even submitted photos of Deep losing consciousness.

He also recounted that in 2014 when they were flying on their private plane from Boston to Los Angeles, Johnny was mad because she was making a movie with actor James Franco which included a kissing scene: “I hated, I hated James Franco.”

The actress said he scolded her, slapped her and kicked her, but no one intervened to help her.. Previously, Depp testified and denied excessive drinking before getting on the plane and said Heard got into an argument and chased after him until he felt forced to hide in a bathroom.

Although the actress presented a video in which it seems that Depp howls and babbles incoherencies, after discussion; It also showed a text message Depp sent to his friend Paul Bettany shortly after the flight, in which he says he’s going to “stop drinking properly” because the flight got “ugly.”

For his part, Johnny maintains that he never hit Amber., but Heard’s lawyers have said her denials lack credibility in part because she can’t remember what she’s done when she passes out. For that reason they showed the photographs to the jury.

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Amber Heard says Johnny Depp intimately assaulted her with a bottle