Amazon wants to buy the MGM catalog for Prime Video, which would give it access to franchises like James Bond or Rocky, according to Variety

Are times of furious competition looming in the streaming world? Everything seems to indicate yes, seeing the brand new and just confirmed merger of AT&T (owner of Warner and therefore HBO Max) and Discovery and the rumor of the day, commented by Variety: According to your sources, Amazon could be trying to buy MGM. A movement that would undoubtedly reinforce its catalog with an impressive collection of Hollywood classics and blockbusters.

It is not the first time that the sale of MGM has been talked about: already in December Variety itself He talked about the classic Hollywood studio looking for a buyer. Your library of 4,000 movies and 17,000 hours of television make the catalog of the production company a very juicy property for companies like Amazon, who want to elbow their way into the world of streaming at the stroke of a checkbook.

Variety comments that although since then rumors surrounding the sale of MGM have been constant, conversations between the two companies have increased– Amazon Studios and Prime Video Senior Vice President Mike Hopkins and MGM Chairman Kevin Ulrich would be in direct talks to close the deal. The prices that are said to be being handled would be between 7,000 and 10,000 million dollars.

A spectacular catalog

MGM is one of the majors par excellence of classic Hollywood cinema, which little by little they are falling into the hands of big entertainment corporations like Disney (Fox), AT&T (Warner), Sony (Columbia) and others. In fact, the company has been declared bankrupt since 2010, but before that it was bought by a fund of which Sony is a co-owner. Currently all the large North American production companies are in the hands of companies not necessarily linked to the world of film creation, but are corporations with businesses in theme parks, or directly colossal in telecommunications

In any case, Amazon has a lot of juicy franchises to access with this move. MGM includes James Bond, Rocky, The Hobbit, Robocop, The Pink Panther, films such as’ The Silence of the Lambs’ or ‘Four Weddings and a Funeral’, as well as countless classics such as’ The Great Escape ‘or’ Rollerball ‘, and that go back to the days of silent movies. As for television, his are the series of ‘Stargate’, ‘Fargo’, ‘The story of the maid’, ‘Fame’ and many others.

In Spain, a wonderful selection from the MGM catalog, almost 150 films, is in the hands of Filmin. So possibly at the moment a possible purchase does not affect us too much: in any case, it is a good example of the progress that is doing Amazon in terms of catalog, willing to make up for its relative shyness in terms of its own production – that is, compared to Netflix or Disney + – with acquisitions like this one.