Amalia Aguilar, star of the golden cinema, passed away; Why did they call it The Atomic Bomb?

Amalia Aguilar was one of the recurring stars in the films of the golden age of the who Mexican. His foray into national cinema came at the time when the image of the star was present in the imaginary collective.

These figures stood out not only for their dance or their physique, because the competition made the dancers and actresses they had to harvest talents that were attractive to the public.

In Amalia’s case, the way exhuberante with which he moved during the shows made the press of the time begin to say that his steps were as noticeable almost as a catastrophe.

To this was added the time in which he achieved fame, because in 1946 he began his path in the cinema with the film “Perverted“. This added to the performance that it carried out in several centers of shows made more and more people talk about her.

This beloved actor of the golden cinema studied with Ignacio López Tarso, but he never had a leading role in the cinema

There is no official reason why the born in Cuba was called “The atomic bomb“Almost early in his career; however, it could have been caused by the impact it had on the show and the comparison that would have been made with the launch of the first weapon of mass destruction in Hiroshima and Nagasaki during the Second World War, a few months earlier, in August 1945.

During his active career he participated in 23 films. His retirement came a year after he died Pedro Infante, so it is considered that most of his work was done during the golden age of the who Mexican. He came out of this artistic slumber in 2003, when he appeared in the movie “Dame your body”, where he played a small role.

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The actress was part of the golden age of Mexican cinema.

A star went out

Although his role in the showbiz today it was practically nil, she was still remembered for her peculiar way of mover the hips and for stealing the glances in any scene in which she was included.

The causes of this have not been disclosed. deathAlthough the artist’s age may have been the trigger for a chronic condition, since she was 97 years old.

The star was born in Matanzas, Cuba, in 1924; However, when he was successful in Mexico, he decided to naturalize. During his career he shared the stage with characters such as Germán Valdés “Tin Tan” and Adalberto Martínez “Springs”.

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Another of the nicknames that was given to him in life was “Goddess de la Plata “. Her family has not given more details of what will happen to the remains of the actress, dancer and star.

In his career he participated in films such as “In each port a love”, “Al son del mambo”, “interested”, “Flying saucers”, “Devil’s money”, “Tender squash”, among others.

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Amalia Aguilar, star of the golden cinema, passed away; Why did they call it The Atomic Bomb?