Alone with Nicolás Francella and Gabriel Goity, protagonists of “En la mira”, a new Argentine psychological thriller

Nicolás Francella and Gabriel Goity spoke with Infobae about “En la mira”.

After Echoes of a crime the new bet arrives Warner Bros. Pictures on Argentine soil, in the sights. It is in theaters and in June it will reach hbo max as did the aforementioned one, which was among the most viewed content on the platform for two weeks. The film puts a young man who works in a call center at the center of the scene and is threatened by a user who wants to unsubscribe from a service but cannot, a situation that many will surely know.

“This man is on autopilot, comfortable with his job, comfortable with his life, comfortable with his infidelity, and suddenly he finds himself with a swerve in his life and he doesn’t have the day-to-day tools, he has to improvise something and starts to touch areas totally unknown to him. He discovers himself in a situation he never thought he would find himself in,” he describes. Nicholas Francellaprotagonist of the film, in conversation with Infobae.

Images of “En la mira”, a new Argentine film. (Warner Bros.)

The suspenseful psychological thriller is directed by Richard Horn Y Carlos Gil, and tells the story of Axel Brigante, a young call center operator who one afternoon must live his worst nightmare when a man wants to cancel a service at any cost. On this stage, Nicholas Francellason of William Francella (Hail), remembers that he has lived that moment: “I have found myself with these situations, cutting off or receiving the proposal of the promotion or the novelty that did not seduce me, and sometimes there is no way. Together with Ricardo and Carlos, we also tried to explain the world of the call center that has a follow-up manual, but also a limit”.

in the sights It is an Argentine production aimed at the regional market. In 45 days from its premiere it will be available in hbo max like all titles Warner. That is why they thought of a story that could be universal. His cast partner, Gabriel The Puma Goity considers that these moments of fury, without reaching the point of threatening a person, are experienced by everyone: “This phrase always appears that says: ‘If you want to make God laugh, tell him your plans.’ It’s part of life. One can say: ‘No, I’m fine, I have everything under control’, and the opposite happens. At least I have it in mind for my own life.”

poster of "in the sights", coming soon to HBO Max. (Warner Bros. Pictures)
Poster for “In the Crosshairs,” coming soon to HBO Max. (Warner Bros. Pictures)

in the sights has a script Adrian Garelik Y Richard Horn, and was shot in Argentina and Uruguay. Regarding the present of audiovisual production, both actors highlighted the current situation in the region regarding the platforms that today lead the market and entertainment: “They bet that the platforms will have their growth and now each one must want to position itself, produce content, see what content to choose to distinguish yourself. You have platforms that have been around for 10, 12 years, others that are beginning to emerge, and each one begins to build its own identity. Clearly, work in this way is encouraged”, Francella explained when referring to the opportunities that arise thanks to the multiple projects for the international market.

On how it affects the actors, they were enthusiastic about the present: “And what can I tell you? We are really happy, it is what we were most waiting for”. Goity maintained that it was an outstanding debt: “It seems to me a fair recognition. We have the best actors, the best actresses, the best directors. It is time for this to be recognized and to start launching it as an industry as it should be and not fortuitous events. There is really excellent material here, of excellence in terms of technical teams, artistic teams and Argentine fiction is one of the best in the world and in Spanish speaking. We are the best in the world and I will fight anyone”.

Gabriel "The Puma" Goity, is one of the protagonists of "in the sights". (Warner Bros.)
Gabriel “El puma” Goity, is one of the protagonists of “En la mira”. (Warner Bros.)

This is the first protagonist of Nicholas Francella After an extensive career in which they stand out The tale of the weasels, Maracaibo and the Netflix series, High seas. While enjoying the debut of his new movie, he is still working on another Warner and HBO Max release, An Argentine crime adaptation of the novel Reynaldo Sietecase which would be released in the second half of 2022.

By Gabriel Goitythe actor known in Argentina as The Pumahas an extensive film and television career, but in 2021 he starred in the HBO Max series between men, with an excellent reception from the specialized press and after going through the Cannes Series Festival.

A young man who works in a call center is harassed by a client who is having a very bad day. (Warner Bros.)

in the sights is in theaters and will be released in hbo max in June.


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Alone with Nicolás Francella and Gabriel Goity, protagonists of “En la mira”, a new Argentine psychological thriller