Alone with Joey King for “The Princess”: “I feel honored to be compared to Fiona”

Joey King embarks on an adventure for “The Princess” and tells us about his experience playing this badass character.

A princess of arms to take. That is the premise of the new medieval and action fiction in Star+ titled The princess. “I think this movie is one of the funniest and craziest things I’ve ever shot,” he admitted. Joey Kingthe protagonist of this adventure, in a conversation with Infobae. The actress is best known for her role in the trilogy the kissing booth and his remarkable performance alongside Patricia Arquette in the miniseries The Act. This time, she takes a turn in her career and bets on a role that requires action scenes in the attire of a lady.

“My God, it was quite an experience,” King recalls when asked about her training for the moments of fighting and combat on set. “When we started this process of preparing for this movie, I knew how much hard work it was going to be. But then we really got into it, it was beyond what I could have imagined. But he had an amazing support system, the most amazing and crazy stunt team. They really encouraged me to be able to do it myself.”

The actress from “The Kissing Booth” and “The Act” takes on a very different role in this medieval action flick. (Star Plus)

The 22-year-old star is seen beating up some bad guys, swinging a sword and jumping between castle structures. It is the security that she imbues in her role that allows her to connect with this brave and tough young woman who is not afraid of anything and is definitely not cut out to marry a man who will only submit her against her will. “Now, I think our journey to get to the movie was long, it was hard, but it was really worth it,” she adds.

Will the universe Marvel the next step for Joey King? “I don’t think so!” He replies between laughs and, without wanting to criticize these films, assures that The princess has “a little more value” than the superheroes we have seen on the big screen and the reason is that basically she plays a girl without superhuman abilities, she is just a princess who learned to fight throughout her life to defend herself from those who threaten his kingdom.

To play the princess in her combat scenes, King had to undergo long and difficult training. (Star Plus)
To play the princess in her combat scenes, King had to undergo long and difficult training. (Star Plus)

“The princess is not a superhero, she has no powers and she really has to do a lot for herself. And Marvel superheroes, I mean, they have a lot of powers on her side! Very good for them, but our princess gets her ass kicked and she takes a big beating”, she maintains, very proud of her fictional par.

The princess and the similarity with Fiona, from Shrek

The first glimpse of The princess that came to light a few months ago could not help generating a similar feeling in the public that saw the strongest version of the princess Fiona in shrek forever, the fourth installment in the animated franchise. This comparison made the American artist behind the female character in the film laugh and, in fact, it does not bother her one bit.

"The princess" It was released on streaming this July 22. (Star Plus)
“The Princess” was released on streaming this July 22. (Star Plus)

“I love it!” he stated. “First, Shrek It is the best. I’m lovin ‘it Shrek And I think Princess Fiona is… I’m very honored to be compared to her. This princess is so badass and cool, I think Princess Fiona is amazing. So I love those comparisons, I don’t see anything wrong with that. We get a lot of inspiration from different types of movies, we definitely never thought about Shrekbut if that’s what people are getting, by all means!”

On the possibility of a sequel, Joey King detailed to Infobae that he “would never say never” to this possibility, because he had a lot of fun in the process and “it was very difficult and good”. But, she continues to leave him in doubt: “Who knows what will happen in the future? I don’t know if the princess needs to find love, she is so cool and so sure of herself. But you know the world is at her feet, who knows what will happen? […] I think the main thing I want people to take away and feel when they see it is that they had a good time.”

The princess premiered this July 22 through the platform Star+.


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Alone with Joey King for “The Princess”: “I feel honored to be compared to Fiona”