Alone with Akin Akinözü: “If I hadn’t made the decision to be an actor, it would have been a big mistake”

Akin Akinozu

An intimate conversation with Akin Akinözü It reveals the moment of reflection that he is going through and that, apparently, has weighed heavily when choosing the roles that he wishes to play. This interview, divided into two parts, allows you to learn more about the person behind the famous actor.

In recent years, Turkish productions have stolen the attention of many viewers in different parts of the world, causing a boom in which the protagonists of their biggest hits are considered international stars. Akinözü He is one of the most acclaimed actors by his fans around the world. And, although he is very jealous of his private life, in each interview he shows himself as a simple man, a lover of challenges and of studying humanity.

Akin starred in the three-season series, Hercai, which had a rating of more than a million views in each episode only in the United States. The expectation for his next challenge was high and the question that many are asking is what led him to choose this production over many other offers he received. The game of my destiny leads him to act alongside Story Karayel (Smuggling love).

What will be seen in the game of my destiny

Akin Akinözü with his co-star from "The game of my destiny" Öykü Karayel during the presentation of the new series to the media.
Akin Akinözü with his “The game of my destiny” co-star Öykü Karayel during the presentation of the new series to the media.

The central story portrays the complex life of Asiye (Story Karayel), a 30-year-old woman who is the mother of two children, with an abandonment wound as a result of her mother’s death. Therefore, her father decides to raise her. At 17, he ends up marrying Cemal (Sarp Apak). They both form a family with two children: Nergis and Umut. But that does not turn out to be a happy marriage, since economic problems begin to swarm in their day to day. As a consequence, Cemal decides to marry a woman with a lot of money and abandons his initial family. This plot twist comes when Ayise meets Mahir (Akin Akinözü).

On this occasion, the Ankara-born actor will play a character about whom very little is known, it is expected that he will take an antagonistic role that will test both his companions and himself. And it is that, for him, it was a challenge to impersonate a man with dark intentions. “In the end we are all human. We have a dark side and a light side. Whatever you want to call it. A dark side, a white side. And it looks like he’s the bad boy and I want to go down that road. “, Akinözü advanced.

What motivated the heartthrob of the Turkish series to take the antagonist that he is about to develop is that, over time, he will have to discover himself, reveal a hidden side that he did not know. Both for his character and for himself. In addition, he confesses that the name of the story makes it even more striking. So, for Akin, it is one more challenge to assimilate new experiences. “It is a lot to learn. This character gave me his vision of what to discover, to learn many things that, in a way, resonate in this period of my life. The name of the story is The game of my destiny and it feels like it is –literally– the game of my destiny “, highlights the actor.

Sarp Apak, Öykü Karayel y Akin Akinözü en la primera photo oficial de los protagonistas de "The game of my destiny".
Sarp Apak, Öykü Karayel and Akin Akinözü in the first official photo of the protagonists of “The game of my destiny”.

The actor finds it interesting to be able to play Mahir, since it allows him to do a more spontaneous exploration of the first impression, in this case, of his character. Generally, society exerts a type of pressure creating expectations that emerge from stereotypes and the ‘should be’. “Those are the main points of my character: the expectations, especially, in today’s society that is a drama about men. A lot of expectations, a lot of pressure on a young man ”, emphasizes Akinözü.

The game of my destiny is an Ottoman series produced by NGMMedya, the same one that carried out The Ambassador’s Daughter, directed by the also director of this new StarTV bet, Emre Kabakusak. This cast has been joined by actors of the caliber of Miran Aslanbey With Story Karayel, (‘Silk’ en, Smuggling love).

Akin Akinözü: from mathematics to acting


Who would believe that Akinözü studied mathematics? Although it sounds strange, the actor attended the TED Institute and the University of California, Berkeley to study numbers, for more than 6 years. His journey to be an actor took several years in which even that passion was asleep in his deepest desires. Soon after, that dream woke up and allowed himself the opportunity to act. So, Akin says: “From studying mathematics to acting was a great decision and now I realize that, if I had not made that decision, it would have been a great mistake. I am very happy that I did “.

“Many times people regret something, especially what they did not do. But not because of what they did and, after many years, they realize that there was an opportunity and they didn’t take it “ refers the actor regarding his dreams.

"Akin Akinozu" one of the Turkish actors most loved by the audience.
“Akın Akınözü” one of the Turkish actors most loved by the audience.

He is the son of the Turkish actress Ozlem Akinozu and the restorer, Tamer Akinozu. His grandfather, on his mother’s side, Sureyya Arin, was one of the first legendary presenters on Turkish Radio and Television (TRT). While, Suha Arin, his great-uncle is regarded as the pioneer of documentaries in Turkey. With a multicultural family, who had already charted a path within the entertainment world, it was confirmed that this star was destined to shine in various productions. “Sometimes you make decisions when you can’t make immature decisions and you make decisions when you are very young. So, with this project I am very excited to start that journey “, says the actor, who now reaps quite a notorious success.

In the next installment you will discover what he did, for the first time in his life thanks to this new character, how he deals with fame and even what led him to leave his career, among other details. The game of my destiny It will premiere on Star tv. The exact date has not yet been confirmed.


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Alone with Akin Akinözü: “If I hadn’t made the decision to be an actor, it would have been a big mistake”