All the series and movies of Mickey and his friends on Disney +

Current animation series for all audiences and starring Mickey and his friends but also thematic feature films or versions of stories, Christmas movies to value the holidays or collections of short films to see in just three or four minutes. All of them can be viewed online through Disney Plus or downloaded for offline viewing.


Series in which Mickey Mouse is the protagonist. For children and children of all ages or designed for babies or toddlers with simple and colorful dialogues.

The Wonderful World of Mickey Mouse

This 2020 series has a single season and all episodes star Mickey and his friends. The well-known Pluto, Goofy or Minnie are the companions in these short episodes of less than ten minutes. Despite being a new series, it bets on vintage drawings and the classic design of the Disney character in its early days and not modernized as before. Everything type of independent adventures that can be seen on Disney Plus in family and in which we will not only see Mickey but also Donald and the others in their day to day.

Despite its vintage style, The Wonderful World of Mickey Mouse is a recent and current series with exclusive episodes.

Platform: Disney Plus

Year: 2020

Chapters: One season, 16 episodes

Duration: About nine minutes per chapter

Thematic: Action and adventure / comedy

Age: For over six years

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Mickey Mouse and the super pilots

Cars are the stars of this adventure with Mickey Mouse and his friends. Mickey, Donald, Goofy, Minnie and Daisy are in charge of a car workshop in Fun City. They all run the workshop but also have their own racing cars with which they compete to be the fastest. An animated series full of catchy songs and current drawings (it leaves behind the vintage touch of other productions on this list) It is colorful, striking and fun for all audiences and for those who love action and speed.

The episodes are grouped two by two so that each two stories have a duration of about 25 minutes but can be seen individually thanks to the fact that the chapters are self-concluding and the characters face different challenges or different situations in each of them. In addition, all kinds of destinations of these super pilots for children to know cities of the world.

Platform: Disney Plus

Year: 2017 – 2018

Chapters: Two seasons, 51 episodes (two stories each)

Duration: About 25 minutes for each chapter, two by two

Thematic: Adventure, action and cars

Age: For all audiences

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Mickey Mouse’s house

It is one of the classics for babies, for preschool children. One of the Disney series in which Mickey is the protagonist and uses basics to get attention of the smallest of the house. It was released in 2006 and to this day there are five seasons available on the streaming platform and with episodes with an estimated duration of about 26 minutes. Mickey goes to the screen to get the children’s attention, to engage them, to ask them about problems in this interactive adventure.

Platform: Disney Plus

Year: 2006 – 2012

Chapters: Five seasons, more than 100 episodes

Duration: About 26 minutes per chapter

Thematic: Basics / Preschool Content

Age: For all audiences

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Mickey and the Others Movies

Mickey, Donald and the others are the protagonists of these films. Some of them premiered more than forty years ago but all with characters recognizable by children of any age and that we can see again on Disney Plus if we are looking for a family movie session. Also, many of her they revert classic tales or histories of the literature although with the famous personages.

The Three Musketeers

The classic Dumas tale is covered here with Disney characters. Mickey, Donald y Goofy they are the three musketeers in a movie of little more than an hour in musical version. They are “amateur janitors” who dream of being musketeers. The three of them have a common dream and it is rescue princess minnie. An action and adventure film for the whole family that seeks to bring the classic of literature to the smallest of the house although with notable differences in the story, of course.

Platform: Disney Plus

Year: 2004

Duration: One hour and twelve minutes

Thematic: Family and animation / Musical / Based on novel

Age: For over six years

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The Prince and the Pauper

Although the film was released thirty years ago, The Prince and the Pauper is another of the Mickey films that we can see on Disney Plus. The Mark Twain novel is covered in this twenty-five minute film in which a young beggar meet another almost identical boy but with a totally different life. Mickey will play the beggar and learn about the life of the crown prince. Together they must cooperate to save the kingdom in a classic movie available on Disney.

Platform: Disney Plus

Year: 1990

Duration: 25 minutes

Thematic: Family and animation / Classic tale version

Age: For all audiences

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Prince and beggar

The Adventures of Bongo, Mickey and the Magic Beans

Another of the Mickey movies on Disney Plus that covers a classic story is “The Adventures of Bongo, Mickey and the Magic Beans.” A popular fairy tale explained in vanimation version in this 1940s movie with a duration of little more than an hour. First, the story of Bongo, a circus bear who misses his family. Then the story of the magic beans.

Two stories in a single movie starring Mickey, Donald, Goofy and Jiminy Cricket if you want to bring traditional stories closer to the smallest of the house. Of course, we must bear in mind that it is a film with more than sixty years, so the drawings are not similar to those of today in terms of design.

Platform: Disney Plus

Year: 1947

Duration: One hour and fourteen minutes

Theme: Classic / Comedy / Fantasy Story Versions

Age: For all audiences

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Bongo Mickey Mouse

Christmas theme and specials

Christmas is always family movie time in front of the fireplace and that is why there are several themed feature films on Disney Plus in which Mickey, Minnie and their friends are the protagonists. From versions of the Dickens tale to other classic stories to celebrate the spirit of the dates and in which there is no lack of the magic of Christmas, gifts, fireplaces, snow …

Mickey Discover Christmas

A film released in the late nineties and for all audiences. Mickey, Minnie, Pluto and the rest live Christmas with catchy songs and family stories. We will see how the holidays are lived at Donald’s house, at Goofy’s house, at Mickey and Pluto’s house … Different approaches to Christmas in the different houses of these characters but all of them full of magic and Christmas spirit.

Platform: Disney Plus

Year: 1999

Duration: One hour and eight minutes

Theme: Family Christmas / Story Collection

Age: For all audiences

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Mickey discovers Christmas

Mickey, the best Christmas

One hour and eleven minutes of a movie about the spirit of Christmas. Much more current than others on this list, already with 3D animation, we can see this movie you are looking for demonstrate the importance of family, of dreams, of Santa Claus. Like other Christmas stories, The best Christmas is a anthology of different stories and tales Disney characters: Donald Duck’s nephews, Goofy and his family or Mickey’s Christmas. Everyone will discover the importance of behaving well, enjoying as a family, spending happy holidays all together.

Platform: Disney Plus

Year: 2004

Duration: One hour and eleven minutes

Thematic: Christmas Stories Anthology

Age: For all audiences

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Mickey the best christmas

Christmas Carol with Mickey

The classic of Dickens literature is covered in this film by only twenty five minutes with all the Disney characters. Released in the early eighties, stingy Scrooge He will be the protagonist of this story in which he will learn to value Christmas and to let himself be felt by the Christmas spirit. Donald, Mickey and the others star in this version of the story for all audiences.

Platform: Disney Plus

Year: 1983

Duration: 26 minutes in total

Theme: Version of classics / Fantasy and animation

Age: For all audiences

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Mickey's Christmas Carol

Short Collections

There are collections of shorts at Disney with just five or six minutes long or other classic short films that we can see independently with the famous mouse.

Mickey Mouse – Shorts

With classic and vintage look we can see these four seasons of shorts of Mickey Mouse and his friends. Small stories lasting five or six minutes in which the famous Disney mouse faces all kinds of situations to solve them. Bring croissants to Minnie’s cafeteria, eat at a beach bar with Goofy and Donald, or hop on a train to get to work. Stories with a retro air for fans of the mythical character of animation. In addition, there are almost 100 different short films so there is enough entertainment for a while.

Platform: Disney Plus

Year: 2013 – 2017

Duration: About five or six minutes per short film

Chapters: Four seasons, about 76 shorts

Theme: Comedy and adventure

Age: For over six years

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Mickey Mouse Shorts

Mickey Go local

A more current collection that the previous one is Mickey Go Local from Disney Plus and for all audiences. In this case, they are not everyday stories, but rather the Disney characters “explore Singapore and Malaysia.” An animated series with short episodes that seeks to show us the culture and traditions of these countries. They are tourists in some of the chapters or shorts but also locals. And thanks to these episodes of only three minutes We can know details of the jungle, know more about the typical food, the street vendors, the traditions and the culture.

Platform: Disney Plus

Year: 2019

Duration: Three minutes for each short film

Theme: Children’s comedy / Tradition and culture / Travel

Age: For all audiences

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Mickey go local

Minnie’s Tales

It is not a Mickey series but a Minnie Mouse series. A series of Minnie Mouse and her friend Daisy. Both have decided to open your own bow and tie shop in these forty episodes or short films of about five minutes each. In each of them they will face a problem that they will end up solving, one more day in their boutique. Lack of orders, bow designs, visiting friends, or inspiration. A fun series for the boys and girls of the house if you are looking for something short to see in just a few minutes and with characters known to all. In addition to Minnie Mouse and Daisy we will also see other nice characters such as Melody and Millie, the naughty nieces of the protagonist.

Platform: Disney Plus

Year: 2011 – 2013

Chapters: Three seasons, forty episodes

Duration: Only five minutes per chapter

Age: For all audiences

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