All the scandals of Ezra Miller that endanger his future as Flash: why Warner could do without the actor of ‘Fantastic Animals 3’

In these last hours there is much talk about the possibility that the stage of Ezra Miller like the flash DC Extended Universe is about to come to an end. From rolling stone it has been reported that in Warner have called an emergency meeting to determine the future of the actor who premieres this weekend ‘Fantastic Beasts: Dumbledore’s Lies’.

All the miller messes

It remains to be seen if Warner will continue to trust him or not, but the truth is that Miller has already starred in several scandals for which it would not be unusual for any study to have chosen to do without the young actor. Next we are going to review them all, including one that took place before the start of the filming of ‘The Flash’.

  1. April 2020. appear online actor pictures giving the feeling of being trying to strangle a woman in iceland. Miller has never commented on the matter, but weeks later information appeared indicating that he was a regular customer of the premises when some fans began to bother him and he lost his nerve with one. The actor was escorted out of the establishment, but Warner decided not to take action against him.
  2. January 2022. Miller post a disturbing video On Instagram threatening a Ku Kux Klan affiliate telling them, among other things, that “if you want to die, I suggest you kill yourself with your own branches“, also clarifying that it was not a joke. Miller deleted the video shortly after.
  3. March 28, 2022. The actor loses his temper in a bar in hawaii with other customers who were singing karaoke. He yells obscenities at them, grabs a 23-year-old woman’s microphone, and then lunges at a 29-year-old man playing darts. Is arrested and released on $500 bond.
  4. March 29, 2022. A Hawaiian couple files for a restraining order against Miller, arguing that entered their room by force, threatened them with deathalso stealing her passport and his wallet. all of it shortly after being released after the previous incident, it just so happened that this couple was the one who paid the actor’s bail for his previous altercation. The judge grants a temporary restraining order the next day.

Miller’s erratic behavior hasn’t gone unnoticed by Warner, who now has a hot potato on his hands. Let us remember that ‘The Flash’, whose premiere was delayed recently until June 23, 2023going to play a fundamental paper in the future of the DC Extended Universe.

Now it remains to be seen if Warner takes any action, but this accumulation of scandals jeopardizes Miller’s future, who not long ago seemed destined to become a great Hollywood star. And it is that there are also some internal voices from the filming of ‘The Flash’ that collapsed more than once during the recordings. Apparently, for now they have paused any future use of the actor within that universe, but it looks bad.

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All the scandals of Ezra Miller that endanger his future as Flash: why Warner could do without the actor of ‘Fantastic Animals 3’