All the movies in the ‘Scream’ saga ordered from worst to best

the premiere of ‘Scream’ It is a golden opportunity to take a brief look at the saga that began in 1996 with what seemed like just another small horror film and that ended up becoming an unrepeatable phenomenon. We have already been able to see four sequels on the big screen and also a series that showed that the slasher does not fit very well in television format.

Next I will review the five films in order from worst to best, following my personal criteria, which in no case do I want to imply that it is an irrefutable truth. Where I do believe that there is no doubt is that the series is the worst of the franchise by far, which is why he preferred to leave it out.

‘Scream 3’

It’s not a bad movie, but it is one with much more attractive ingredients than the way they are handled. I am convinced that this is due to the output as of Kevin Williamson and the input of Honor Kruger, one of the least stimulating screenwriters in Hollywood. All in all, the more humorous side of the meta part works well and sustains the film at various points.

Beyond that, everything tends to be a will and I don’t end up with power, from that subplot ahead of its time about the sexual abuse of Hollywood executives to the planning and execution of the crimes, one of the great strengths of the second installment. There is no shortage of good moments on that side -I prefer the prologue above all-, but when it is most inspired, it does not reach its two predecessors, and in its worst moments it is too conventional for what the saga was until then. not to mention an ending that seems totally improvised on the fly...

‘Scream’ (2022)

A sequel with the soul of a reboot that takes the first installment as a great reference to re-explore the meta component of the franchise but very often goes off on a tangent. Novelties in themselves cannot be said to bring many beyond the characters that appear here for the first time, none of them especially memorable, but he knows very well what he is playing and how to play it.

With good murder scenes, where a certain dose of cruelty that had been declining with the progress of the saga is recovered, and a good handling of the suspense around the identity of the murderer, it is a more than worthy successor which also maintains its commitment to link the motivations behind what happened to succulent topics.

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‘Scream 4’

Scream 4

probably the funniest of the entire saga for fully promoting that most playful component from the prologue. Introducing the world of social networks in this universe in a quite fortunate way and with a fairly well-chosen young cast, here they opt for a touch of self-parody that is not to everyone’s taste but that I personally think helps to give it an energy. different so as not to be limited to being more of the same.

And it is that Kevin Williamson and Wes Craven they were aware that times had changed, so what worked in 1996 was going to sound tired 15 years later, in part because of the barrage of imitators. Hence, they do recover the essence and to a certain extent the formula, but handle it differently and even come up with new rules.

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The original and unrepeatable. With one of the best starts in the history of cinema that already laid the foundations for everything that would come later, Wes Craven found a luxury ally here in Kevin Williamson to expand on an approach that it had to some extent already adopted in the undervalued ‘Wes Craven’s New Nightmare’.

A great reinvention of the slasher who followed its rules but at the same time laughed at them with a playful style that even today is contagious for the viewer. It is also one of those rare titles that, beyond its virtues and weaknesses -which it also has, let’s not deny it-, has the ability to leave its mark, especially in terms of creating enthusiasm or at least curiosity towards horror movies. .

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‘Scream 2’

Scream 2

I’ve been hesitating until the last moment about whether or not to include it as the best of the series. It is a clear continuation that depends on the first in many respects, but is allowed to be much more partying and bloody from that start that is true that it does not have the same impact as that of its predecessor due to the lack of surprise factor -in the end one arrives motivated with the idea that these characters are going to end badly-, but it works wonderfully and lay the groundwork for what is to come.

The university environment suits him very well to devise and execute very satisfactory murder scenes, surpassing the first installment there. Also in the purely plot, including the outcome, it is an extension with all the sense in the world, knowing how to manage the usual resources of the second deliveries for your benefit. If the first was a great presentation, this is a party following the same path and refining some aspects.

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All the movies in the ‘Scream’ saga ordered from worst to best