All the movies and series that arrive on Netflix Spain in June

Series coming to Netflix in June 2021

June 3: Ten Meters Above: The Series (Season 2)

Second season of the series that adapts the novels of Federico Moccia, where the love story of Summer and Alessandro will return. This season, the exams are over, but they still have a more difficult test to pass.

June 4: Feel Good (Season 2)

Second season of the British romantic comedy series that tells the complicated story between Mae and George, where each continues to try to solve their problems, whether they are past or present. This season, Mae tries to demonstrate her advancement after announcing that she identifies as a non-binary person.

June 9: The 100 (Season 7)

Last season of Los 100 that premiered a year ago, and now comes to Netflix.

June 11: Lupine (Part 2)

Part two of the series of the famous robber played by Omar Sy, one of the best Netflix releases this year.

June 14-17: Elite Short Stories

Short stories of Elite characters

June 17: Black Summer (Season 2)

Returns the zombie series to Netflix, set in the same Z-Nation universe. It is a prequel to it, with a more intimate and dark tone. In this second season, the survivors of the stadium will continue to advance on their way.

June 18: Elite (Season 4)

The most popular Spanish series on Netflix is ​​finally back with its fourth season. Despite the surprise of its end in the third season, the series renewed for a fourth season, which will repeat the protagonists and setting in Las Encinas.

June 24: The Naked Director (Season 2)

The series based on the Japanese novel returns, where Muranishi tries to revolutionize the porn industry in Japan.

Other series premieres coming to Netflix in June are:

3 of June

  • The Best of Japanese Creators (Season 1)

June 4th

  • Sweet Tooth: The Deer Boy (Season 2)

11th of June

June, 15

  • The Universe in Verse (Season 2)
  • Working Mothers (Season 5)

June 17

  • Katla (Season 1)
  • The Gift (Season 3)

June 24

  • Godzilla Singular Point (Season 1)

June 25th

  • The A List (Season 2)
  • Sex / Life (Season 1)

June 28th

  • The Seven Deadly Sins: Dragon’s Judgment

June 29

  • Black Lightning (Season 4)
  • Centella (Season 4)

Movies coming to Netflix in June 2021

June 3: Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Eternal: The Movie

Anime film whose two parts arrive on Netflix. Based on the Dream arc from the Sailor Moon manga.

June 4: Xtremo

Spanish detective film, where two years after his brother Lucero betrayed the family, killing his father and son and leaving him for dead, Max is ready to execute his revenge.

June 11: The Dragon of Wishes

Animated film where the teenager Din seeks to win back his childhood best friend when he meets a dragon of wishes who shows him that the impossible is possible.

June 23: The House of Flowers: The Movie

Mexican film that will serve as the closing (probably) to the Netflix series. The series closed its third season well, but some fans wanted more, and this is why this movie comes.

June 23: It looked good

After so many years putting her work before love, comedian Andrea Singer has met the perfect man.

Other movie premieres coming to Netflix in June include:

June 1

  • Startup (2016)
  • Super Monsters: Once Upon a Tale (2021)
  • Honey (2003)

June 2nd

3 of June

  • Dancing Queen (2021)
  • Alan Saldaña: ​​Imprisoned (2021)

June 4th

June 7th

  • Happy death day (2017)
  • A ghost story (2017)

June 9

  • Tragic Jungle (2021)
  • Dysomnia (2021)

11th of June

  • The Skater (2021)
  • Rainy day in New York (2020)

June 13th

  • Once upon a time in hollywood
  • Angry Birds 2 (2019)

June, 15

  • Haunt (2019)
  • Kidnapped: The Lisa McVey Truth (2018)
  • Life in a song (2014)

June 18

June 29

  • Daggers in the back
  • United States: The Movie

Date to be determined

  • Record of Ragnarok (Season 1)

Documentaries and reality shows coming to Netflix in June 2021

On documentaries, we find interesting science premieres like Black Holes: The Frontier of Human Knowledge or The limits of our planet: A scientific look. We also have The Most Incredible Vacation Homes in the World, a trip to the most interesting vacation homes in case we want to get ideas for the summer, or a documentary about murders with the case. Wanninkhof – Carabantes.

June 1

  • Rich Women of Atlanta (Season 3-Season 4)
  • Elvis Presley: Tireless Seeker (Season 1)
  • Black Holes: The Frontier of Human Knowledge (Season 1)
  • Married to Medicine: Atlanta (Season 2)

June 4th

  • Inside the human body (Season 1)
  • The Limits of Our Planet: A Scientific Look (2021)
  • The Kandasamy: The Journey (2021)

5th June

  • Why We Love Cats (2021)

June 9

  • Fried, fresh and crispy (Season 1)

June 10th

June, 15

  • Headspace: Relax your mind (Interactive Special)

June 16

  • Penguin Colony (Season 1)

June 18

  • The World’s Most Amazing Vacation Homes (Season 1)

June 22nd

June 23

  • The Wanninkhof Case – Carabantes (2021)
  • Playing with fire (Season 2)