All the Matrix movies ordered from worst to best

The recent release of ‘Matrix Resurrections’ has made people talk about the popular sci-fi franchise. His success at the box office it has not been expected, but that has not stopped talking about a fifth installment That remains to be seen. What is certain is that it is not the beginning of a new trilogy

Taking advantage of the occasion, at Espinof we have decided to a review of all the movies of the saga released so far, ordering them from worst to best. I remind you that it has been done following my personal criteria and that it is not about any kind of unquestionable truth. Without further ado, I leave you with them:

‘Matrix Revolutions’

Little better than a disaster. If already ‘Matrix Reloaded’ became heavy for taking the created universe so seriously that its protagonists became almost automata, also overloading the story without offering anything really stimulating in the purely plot.

An unworthy closure with which the franchise hit rock bottom and from which the great final battle between Neo and Agent Smith can hardly be saved, but by then many of us are so exhausted that we really don’t care who the winner is. The same applies to great dramatic moments, which simply do not achieve the desired effect.

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‘Matrix Reloaded’

Matrix Reloaded

The saga was beginning to get unnecessarily more complicated than necessary, letting himself be carried away by those excesses that he had known so well to control the first installment. Of course, that greater ambition does translate into a couple of unforgettable action sequences, especially that impressive chase down the highway.

Beyond that, the film delights a little more than necessary in its more philosophical side, sometimes to give us something that feels totally expendable and at other times letting the rhythm go to unsuspected levels, as if it wanted to expand what it sensed in the film. first but doing it in a thick way.

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An irregular complement, something inevitable since it is made up of several short stories also made by different authors, but very valuable, both because of how unusual it was to do something like this at the time and because it did not insist on exploring details or very specific moments of this universe.

In fact, ‘Animatrix’ offers stories located before the first installment, halfway between it and ‘Matrix Reloaded’, and also at times to be determined, also thanking the different styles of animation used. So it is true that we could live perfectly without it, but that could also be said of any of its sequels.

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‘Matrix Resurrections’

If the first two installments bet on increasing to almost unbearable levels what appeared in the first installment, here Lana Wachowski chose to do what she wanted, laughing at much of what surrounds the saga and then hitting the mark by influencing the importance of the emotional factor as the main narrative compass.

It is by no means a round work and I understand that there are those who simply do not connect with what the film proposes. But it is that here at least something different is played without saturating with the ideas that it handles. Maybe I would have appreciated a little more care in the action scenes, but the whole is refreshing, especially in the current scenario where risks are conspicuous by their absence in this type of productions.

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A little miracle that revolutionized action cinema -that bullet time was never used better than here- without ever falling into excess for excess. In fact, seen today, it is surprising how small it really is in everything it proposes, having very clear ideas and moving fluently in the history it proposes.

With several scenes that have gone down in film history, ‘The Matrix’ does not hide its references, but he knows how to shake them up to create a work with his own voice that balances his more philosophical side with his nature as a blockbuster called to make the viewer spend an unforgettable time.

Criticism in Espinof

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All the Matrix movies ordered from worst to best