After criticism, Corina Mestre breaks the silence about Ana de Armas

Veteran Cuban actress Corina Mestre denied this week, in the official program “Chapeando bajito”, that he had expelled from the National School of Art (ENA) the actress Ana de Armas, internationally recognized for her recent work in the film “Blonde”.

According to this program, Ana de Armas “left Cuba at the age of 18, several years before she taught at the ENA Corina Mestre.” The space insisted that the teacher began teaching at the ENA in 2009, when the Cuban “Marilyn” had already become famous in Spain.

In this regard, Mestre declared that he was not going to dwell on the subject because “I am not going to give those characters even a minute of my time. I’m not interested. Those who know me know how I act and think.”

In recent days, Ana said that in Cuba she had been suspended from a course at the ENA by a teacher when she had to miss classes because she was recording a movie while she was studying. De Armas did not reveal the name of the teacher, but many connoisseurs of the Havana art world pointed to Corina.

Controversy over Corina Mestre and Ana de Armas

One of them was the Cuban filmmaker Juan Carlos Cremata Malberti, who shared an image in a publication that read: “Corina Mestre suspended Ana de Armas from the course for making a movie. Today one has a National Theater Award and the other is on the way to the Oscar”.

meme about corina and ana

Immediately, followers of the outstanding director commented on some personal experiences with Mestre, while others affirmed that De Armas was already part of the history of cinema and had nothing to prove.

“Corina can be a good actress, but she is envious and a “h****a”, that is the only justification. In the end, she is only a good actress, Ana de Armas is already a star, “said a user.

Another who commented on Cremata Malberti’s post was the actress Rachel Cruz. “Well… I have my own experience, but as far as I know the administration that put it in “check” was not Corina’s. She was not in charge in those years. In mine yes,” she explained.

To this Cremata replied: “The same damage with another name, it is still the same damage.” The filmmaker added that “the meme” he shared did not highlight Anita’s talent as much as Corina’s destructive capacity.

“He didn’t do it to her, but he did a lot of other horrible things like that. And he did them to me without having to do with her. That’s why I’m leaving it, because the story of Anita (the orphan) repeats itself a lot on our little island, right? ”, He concluded in another comment.

In 2017, several independent media outlets reported Ana de Armas’ visit to her former art school in Havana. They all agreed that the “Blonde” actress would have met with Corina Mestre and that they even discussed the possibilities of recording a short film with students from that student center.

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After criticism, Corina Mestre breaks the silence about Ana de Armas