Adam Driver on Star Wars: ‘Being at Comic-Con was terrifying’

Adam Driver, who has consolidated his professional career after his debut in Girls, just released The last duel by Ridley Scott in cinemas around the world. After dazzling the critics with Annette and a few days to wear The Gucci house to the rooms, the interpreter remembers what his experience was like embodying Kylo Ren on Star Wars and in what way did he have to present the film in the Comic-Con 2015. As has been stated in The Graham Norton Show.

When Adam Driver was Kylo Ren and couldn’t get out of the hotel

run to 2015. Star Wars was coming back to theaters after the conclusion of George Lucas’s prequel trilogue, and Disney had planned a universe of new films, installments, and products based on the Lucasfilm license. Among the great novelties we found Adam Driver, one of the great protagonists, who played the villain Kylo Ren. But while he liked participating in the saga, the truth is that the previous experience did not make him too funny, and he did not visit conventions and other places to promote the film, either. “Did you like going to Comic-Con?”the presenter asked the protagonist of Story of a marriage. “No”, the actor responds sharply.

Apparently, He didn’t like the experience of visiting the convention and being surrounded by thousands of people in San Diego, calling it terrifying. However, in those days, the plot of the film was an absolute secret, and the information control measures and visits of some of the actors and actresses participating in the production, draconian. From production, they warned the entire cast of The Force awakens to be careful with the fans, not to expose themselves and not to wander around. To such an extent that nothing of going to the hotel cafeteria for an espresso. “I did not know the rules of Comic-Con. They put me in a hotel at 2 in the morning and I told them Maybe I’ll go get a coffee tomorrow. And them no, you can’t do that. Me too Well, maybe I get the coffee at the hotel“, explains the actor, in full promotion of The Gucci house.

The actor was confined to his hotel room and prevented from leaving to free him from harassment from fans

“And them no, you can’t have coffee at the hotel. We have several masks in the bag, if you want to wear one., add. “And they gave me options, like an Iron Man mask and a Darth Vader mask so I could go out,” he says. “Then I open my windows, because I had been in the room for 24 hours waiting for something to happen, and there is a band at the door of the building playing the music of Star Wars looped, because they knew we were at the hotel. It was terrifying“admits the actor, which is one of the fetishes by Quentin Tarantino. “No, I won’t be coming back again”, complete Driver.

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Adam Driver on Star Wars: ‘Being at Comic-Con was terrifying’