Actor Alex Wolff was traumatized by ‘Hereditary’: he hasn’t made a horror movie again

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Horror movies are very loved by the audience. However, sometimes, its realization can take a heavy toll on its protagonists and production team. For example, it is not a secret that dar vida a Regan MacNeil en The Exorcist it was a traumatic experience for Linda Blair. This actress is joined by many more artists that horror films left a mark on them, as happened with Alex Wolff after his participation in Hereditary.

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At 19 years of age, Alex Wolff began filming Hereditary, the renowned horror film directed by Ari Aster that captivated and froze audiences and critics with fear.

This film presents us with the tragedy that the Grahams live after the death of Ellen Taper Leigh, the matriarch of the family and mother of Annie. Ellen’s passing not only plagues Annie, but also initiates a series of sinister and disturbing discoveries about her lineage and the terrible fate they have apparently inherited, which is made even more complex by the death of Annie’s daughter Charlie. .

The role of Wolff, Peter Graham, Annie’s eldest son, is one of the most shocking and emotionally demanding in the film since he is the accidental author of the beheading of his younger sister Charlie, who begins to appear in his life as a presence. malignant.

In addition, –spoiler alert– he had to face the possession of his mother, who also dies decapitated in front of his eyes and he is finally possessed by the malevolent demon Paimon.

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The intensity of the scenes and the whole story of Hereditary made a major impact on Alex, who recently revealed to Looper the psychological and emotional effects he had after recording this film. According to the actor, the damage ranged from sleep loss to psychological problems. In his words, “he had it all.”

I’ll tell you that that movie hurt me as much as a movie can do you … It really affected me.

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Wolff made it clear that he does not want to be badly thanked and accepted that as an actor he has a privileged and comfortable position in many ways but also acknowledged that his role as Peter in Hereditary He was undoubtedly subjected to a complicated stage where he had to juggle to restore his well-being.

“We have a comfortable job in many ways, but this, emotionally, was one of the difficult ones, it was one of those that really did some gymnastics on my emotional well-being.”

After HereditaryAlex has not made any horror movies again, the closest thing to this genre is his next thriller Old, directed by M. Night Shyamalan where he shares the screen with the Mexican Gael García Bernal. However, most of his latest films have been dramas and comedies. Could it be that we will not see him again in a horror production?

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