“A very demanding environment to shoot”: Veterans of space missions appreciate the milestone of shooting the first movie in orbit


17 oct 2021 08:50 GMT

The mission, which has already received more attention than any other regular launch, could encourage many boys and girls to become professional cosmonauts, thinks Oleg Kotov.

During the 12 days they stayed on the International Space Station (ISS), actress Yulia Peresild and director Klim Shipenko managed to shoot about 40 minutes for their film ‘Výzov’ (‘Challenge’, in Russian), a milestone that could help popularize the space industry in society, as they expressed to RT different veterans with many hours of weightless flight behind them.

Popularize the ‘space dream’

Russian cosmonaut Sergei Riazanski believes that the idea of ​​shooting a movie about space in a real environment will benefit the space industry, not only in Russia, but all over the world. In fact, the mission attracted more attention than a regular launch, which could encourage society to learn more about spaceflight.

“The popularization of space flight It is insufficient nowadays, “laments Riazanski, who sees in the mission a good opportunity to increase interest.” I think every opportunity counts to explain why it is important to the people, important to the country, important to humanity in general, “he says.

The same opinion is shared by cosmonaut Oleg Kotov, who expresses to RT the hope that the mission “will attract attention. [hacia los vuelos espaciales] and many boys and girls dream of becoming professional cosmonauts“In this sense, it underlines the need to create an opportunity for young people” to demonstrate their skills in competitions to enter the list of cosmonauts, in order to travel not only to low Earth orbit, but perhaps to the Moon or Mars “.

“Fluorescent lighting”

In the estimation of former Canadian astronaut Chris Hadfield, shooting a movie in space is “a fairly natural evolution” of space missions. This is also believed by the Russian cosmonaut Andréi Borisenko, who points out that “humanity has already reached the level of space science and technology when not only professional cosmonauts can go into space, but also space. people of all trades, not only as space tourists, but to carry out their professional jobs. “

“Perhaps filmmakers are one of the first professionals who can put your skills to good use over there, “says Borisenko.

In any case, as Hadfield points out, “trying to shoot high-quality video or for audio production” in space is by no means an easy task, as filmmakers must work on a “very demanding environment“as” it is noisy, it is very restricted, it has fluorescent lighting and the sun is a rude intruder“.

“But they are professionals and hopefully they both have all the skills to get the product they want, “Hadfield said of Peresild and Shipenko.

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