June 10, 2021

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A Quiet Place Part II becomes the highest grossing premiere of the pandemic | Tomatazos

A Quiet Place Part II becomes the highest grossing premiere

Although the pandemic is still present around the world, the circulation of the vaccine is making a return to theaters possible. A Quiet Place Part II – 85% it has benefited from the change of air. This weekend the United States billboard arrived and its box office collection is completely dazzling; It has surpassed the record of who owned the number one site with the most successful premiere of the pandemic and is emerging as the highest-grossing film in recent months. In the following paragraphs we discuss all the details.

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A Quiet Place Part II continues with the story of the tormented Abbott family, who desperately seek to survive the dark world that has touched them. In the first film it is explained to us that most of the human population succumbed to the appearance of ferocious creatures with fine auditory sense, and that they must be very careful when making any type of movement to avoid attracting the attention of monsters. . The previous tape was directed by John krasinski, who also played the role of the father in the plot to generally good reviews.

But it seems that things will turn out much better with the sequel. A Quiet Place Part II It was planned for March 2022, however, on the way the pandemic was crossed and it had a delay of more than a year in the room. This May 28, it reached more than 3,700 movie theaters in the United States and has achieved a collection of US $ 58.5 million, well above the US $ 50 million achieved by its predecessor in 2018. The continuation has already exceeded, at least in premiere, to other notable pandemic successes such as Godzilla vs. Kong – 85%, and of course he has already left far behind Cruella – Loki new TV spot drives fans crazy Tomatazos93% and its US $ 26.5 million premiere.

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The analyst Shawn robbins from Box Office Mojo declared for The Hollywood Reporter:

This is a huge step forward from where the industry has been for the past year, and a weekend that sets the table for what will be the sustained recovery over the summer and beyond. The optics and symbolism of large audiences returning to theaters safely exceed box office dollars, but these numbers are still pretty impressive even by pre-pandemic standards. We’ll never know exactly how much the premium streaming option affected box office performance, just that it probably did to an indefinite degree.

What A Quiet Place Part II It is so successful in the United States means that it will most likely be so in the rest of the world. It will arrive at the Mexican box office until June 9, but the pre-sale is already available on platforms such as Cinépolis. Fans in this part of the world are eager for its release and it will surely award a good few million to the studio in charge of its production.

Although the premiere of A Quiet Place Part II it already took place, Krasinski he might have even more ambitious plans in mind. Although he initially refused the idea of ​​a sequel to his first film, we have observed that the virtue of creativity is quite powerful. The actor and director stated for Total Film at the beginning of 2020 that a third part could arrive: “I placed a couple of small easter eggs in the second part that not only explain more about the original film, but will allow entry to more mythology. The studio and I are on the same page. “

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