June 9, 2021

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A Quiet Place 2 breaks records, grossing 58 million in debut

A Quiet Place 2 breaks records grossing 58 million in

Even if A quiet place 2 not get to Spain until next time June 16, the tape directed by John krasinski and starring Emily blunt has already landed on the United States box office. The premiere, moreover, has been a success in times of the pandemic: has raised more than $ 48 million, aiming to reach $ 58.5 million at the end of this weekend of the Da de los Cados in the US market. The best of all is that These numbers are precisely what the sequel was expected to generate in March 2020, when its release date was originally set. In fact, has managed to overcome the premiere of Tenet.

A quiet place 2 enjoy a great premiere in the United States

On Paramount Pictures they can breathe easy. After numerous delays and with a global pandemic in between, A quiet place 2 has reached the multiplexes in the United States and has done so performing exactly what they had planned for last year. All this, taking into account that his presence on the big screen will be shorter, before debuting on the Paramount + service. In fact, in addition to position yourself solidly at the box office, has also earned the applause of the critics. His debut makes only his first weekend close to his budget, which was 61 million.

Other premieres of the week have included Cruella, the film starring Emma Stone that tells us the origin of the villain of the 101 Dalmatians: the film has generated around $ 23 million, and is expected to end the weekend having raised $ 26.5 million. Since Disney have not indicated how much money they have received with Disney + Premier Digital Access, since the film also debuted on the paid streaming platform.

A quiet place 2 convinces in the media and at the box office

During this long weekend, Spiral: Saw – what was # 1 at the box office for two consecutive weeks – has raised another 4.5 million dollars in its third stage on the billboard; while Awaken the fury Guy Ritchie received another $ 2.9 million on its fourth opening weekend.

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