June 11, 2021

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‘A place in silence 2’: The explanation of the origin of the monsters and their new weakness

1622518147 A place in silence 2 The explanation of the origin

‘A Quiet Place 2’ provides more details on the origin of the monsters with hyper-sensitive ears, as well as mentioning a new weakness of the creatures, so these details are worth analyzing.

With the premiere of A Quiet Place: Part 2, more information about the huge creatures has finally been released., broadly confirming its origin, as well as an unknown feature even by many of the protagonists. Therefore, it is worth explaining several of these things, since it is precisely the fearsome creatures with very acute hearing and capable of detecting noises at the slightest provocation. Of course, before starting to talk about the subject we warn you that there are many spoilers then.


The sequel written and directed by John Krasinski (The Office) opens with a scene from the past, specifically on day 1 of the apocalypse, in which the filmmaker’s character, Lee, reappears. He and his family are at a baseball game and everything is going normally, however, the news about impacts from the sky that some dare to call bombers begin to arise in some regions of the world, but eventually they realize what They are a kind of meteorites and they are not empty, but they bring the dark creatures inside.

Just the above finally confirms that these beings come from another planet and they have come this far for reasons that are still unknown; It is also not known from which region of the universe or their race they come, but they have landed in different parts of the planet. It does not take long for them to begin attacking the vicinity where Evelyn (Emily Blunt), Regan Abbott (Millicent Simmonds) and company were found, so people must run to save themselves or fall victim to monsters that are slapped or two are capable of ending the life of a human.

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A place in silence 2 The explanation of the origin

The monsters in ‘A Quiet Place’ come from another planet.


It had already been discovered in A Quiet Place that monsters do not support very specific sounds, such as the one emitted by Regan’s hearing aid, however, In the sequel it is revealed that they have another limitation and that is that they cannot swim. When Emmett (Cillian Murphy) dives into a body of water to save his life, one of the creatures follows his path, but soon sinks, revealing his clumsiness when it comes to being in the water, so much so that another specimen prefers stay in the boat and not follow your prey for fear of running a deadly fate.

With this in mind, the most logical thing is to think that on the planet of monsters there is not much water to form deep aquatic regions, so they must adapt to this element on Earth or stay away from these places, a situation that is just reflected in the film when it presents a group of people living in a calm way, without fear of being attacked, since they live in an island and therefore the fearsome series are unable to get there, at least the vast majority of them.

There is still much to explain about the monsters of A place in silence but with the sequel more information has been given in this regard that is enlightening. Hopefully in a third installment, if confirmed, even more details of these alien beings will be explored.

A place in silence 2 The explanation of the origin