A hot video of Silvina Luna and Flor Peña was leaked and there is a flower of scandal: the images!

Sunday, April 10, 2022


Florence Pena She has become the ambassador of an adult platform and many celebrities have followed in her footsteps. Cande Tinelli, Silvina Moon, Silvina Escudero and Adabel Guerrero. Although they are not all part of the same application, they are part of a new community without taboos.

When she made the decision to be the ambassador of Divas Play, Flor wrote on her Instagram account: “I wanted to tell you that from today you will also be able to find me on Divas Play. I opened a profile and I am going to upload all the things that I do not It allows me to upload the Instagram”.

“And I wanted to invite you to be part of this party because you know that if there is something that I love, it is to enjoy my body and my sexuality. I hope that you also do it as you want, where you want and with whoever you want. As it seems to me interesting to be an inspiration, I wait for you at Divas Play, “he added.

Who criticized the celebrities who use adult platforms was Viviana Canosa: “Everything wrong with the patriarchy until the tarasca appears and they are reified without any problem. And then the patriarchy… ah, but tarasca. Like these others. good and that a guy does not push my chair in a restaurant or does not open the car doors for me! “.

It was then that the driver said: “Ah, but tarasca. Wallet kills gallant, and dollar kills objectification. It’s good: dollar kills objectification. Speaking of feminism, girls: here I have Alperovich. Che, greens: a lot of Darthés but little Alperovich. Gives me 10 Darthes 0 Alperovich. This selective feminism gives me hives. Of course, since he is a cumpa, they don’t say anything to him.”

Now, in the midst of the fury of adult platforms and erotic content, photos of Flower Rock in a production for Divas Play. As if that were not enough, they showed a hot video between Silvina Moon and the host: “Celebrities make their videos, upload them to the pages and each one subscribes and you have exclusive content.”

It is Flor Peña who summons Silvina Luna to make this production. What you will be able to see are situations in bed and in the bathroom, totally naked, “said the LAM host. It was right there when Estefi Berardi said that the charge for video is between 3 and 10 thousand dollars.

Meanwhile, Silvina Luna enjoys her stay at El Hotel de los Famosos and for the moment she has not commented on social networks about the hot video she filmed with Flor Peña to promote the platform and that drove all the fans of the two celebrities crazy. .

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A hot video of Silvina Luna and Flor Peña was leaked and there is a flower of scandal: the images!