A gameplay shows us what Spider-Man 4 would have been like, the video game based on the Tobey Maguire film saga

We are all really looking forward to seeing what happens in Spider-Man: No Way Home. Which is going to be the third movie starring Tom Holland promises real curves, since Dr. Strange has broken the multiverse and caused the appearance of villains of aúpa.

Although we also had Andrew Garfield, the truth is that it all started with Tobey Maguire in the trilogy directed by Sam Raimi. Three adaptations that were about to receive a fourth, although it was finally canceled.

The truth is that it was really close to being produced and with it, we would have received a new video game. The excellent Spider-Man 2 is a perfect example that you could play great games with the wall-crawler and now we can take a look at what would have been Spider-Man 4.

This video, shared by Obscure Gamers, shows us what has been rescued so far. As indicated on their website, the only existing version belongs to an anonymous collector, so it is understood that they have obtained the material from him. In this case, we have the game running on an Xbox 360.

Radical Entertainment was the company that was going to take care of the PC, PlayStation and Xbox versions, while Eurocom y Vicarious Visions would shape the adventures of the wall-crawler on Wii and Nintendo DS. In fact, last year, Obscure Gamers shared footage of the game on Nintendo’s desktop, albeit in a still very early state.

Really little could be developed, being Radical the one who went the furthest with approximately 10-15% of the total game played. However, some of the elements used to Spider-Man 4 were redirected to Prototype 2, the sequel to Radical’s play. The similarities are obvious if you’ve played that wild adventure.

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