A festive bridge with new movies to watch on platforms

After its premiere, relatively on the big screen, now these productions can already be enjoyed at home for this holiday weekend. There is comedy, a bit of wickedness with a lot of style, a bit of martial arts and even a plot of romance and resilience.

Precisely, it is already available in HBO Max the movie Mortal Kombat, a new look at the famous action video game that previously had a chance to be taken to the cinema in 1995 without much luck.

However, this new production not only liked the fans of the game, but also enchanted a part of the critics, destroying the belief that bringing this type of entertainment to the big screen is not a good idea. In this case, everything works.

The plot revolves around a mixed martial arts fighter facing a dangerous mission and discover new powers and talents on that journey.

This same platform also has ‘The spell: the devil forced me’ To do it. This is the third part of a saga that follows Ed and Lorraine Warren, a married couple who face evil in complex paranormal or inexplicable cases.

Starring Vera Farmiga and Patrick Wilson, the story focuses on the murder case that involves a young man and whose defense he tries to save by arguing that it was for possession and that this circumstance exonerates him from the crime. The Warrens will not only try to stop evil presences, but they will have to be part of an unprecedented judicial drama until that moment.

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Actually The Conjuring 3 is the eighth film in the franchise, which in addition to the conjurations includes the three productions of ‘Annabelle’ and ‘The Nun’, and which has collected at the worldwide box office 1.8 billion dollars.

The film also still has that premiere halo ‘Cruella’, a contemporary look at the famous villain of the 101 Dalmatians saga, now the protagonist of her own story. The production, which is available in Disney Plus, stars Emma Stone.

‘Cruella’ takes place in the 70s in London, in the middle of the punk revolution. There, a young con artist, Estella, is determined to make a place for herself in fashion with her clothing designs. On this path of ambition, he meets a couple of thieves, until he catches the attention of Baroness von Hellman (Emma Thompson), but a murky past destroys his dreams.

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The Walt Disney Company

While Amazon Prime Video already has in its proposals the Mexican film ‘After You’, which follows the life of Su, a woman who has no friends and is forced to follow a list of absurd instructions to overcome the unexpected death of her boyfriend.

In this process, she will be accompanied by Gil and Matías, two close friends who will try to make the protagonist erase the traces of depression, loneliness and grief in the face of her new situation. This comedy with touches of drama stars by Colombian actress Paulina Dávila, remembered by the Luis Miguel and Loss series, among others.