June 9, 2021

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A “delirium” in the sea would end the existence of a famous actor. He lived to tell about it!

A delirium in the sea would end the existence of

Famous for his films and collaborations on television and theater, the actor, Andres Garcia, would have left this world for a long time reveals, the “narcosis” would have taken his life What is it and how was it rescued?

Andres Garcia reveals that you experience a phase of great joy, as if you were not in your five senses or you would have consumed substances if you had done so, it is the effects of “narcosis”, he revealed.

You start to smile, to laugh and you go down, a little more because you feel better, that’s why they call it “narcosis” I think, I think the nitrogen rises or the “anhydrid” or something.

I was happy, laughing around and around under the water, he commented.

The consecrated figure of show originally “Dominican“He revealed that” narcosis “is a” delirium “that occurs in the depths of the sea which would be the cause that at some point narrowly and snatches his life.

I’m not going to get crazy from the depths, there I was hitting that cliff, I think it’s called Santa Rosa, over there in Cozumel.

The “television actor“He was questioned by the cameras in which he held a talk about his advanced age and how the years began to weigh.

Andrés García, who turned 80 on May 24, revealed the way he would like God to finally call him to his side

The interpreter of tapes such as “Chanoc” and “Pedro n @ va @ jas”, revealed that at his age he already felt that he was in the final stretch of his life because of what he said, he only had to think about what would the moment be like to get out of it ?, he revealed to Ventaneando,

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In the scenarios that saw him triumph or in the sea that he loves so much? “, The writer and producer replied:

For me, either of the two is good because now I am a master of the stages, and of the screens with whom you put me, and in the sea, if it touches me, there we go.

The actor hinted that at sea it would be a very sweet experience since you do not want to leave when you are underwater. “The stay is so wonderful, so accommodating, down there under the water.”

So when he was again questioned about whether he would be happy that his end will come at that time, he commented “I would welcome him”.

In the midst of this, the actor of series and novels also shared a past experience when at one point it almost surprised him by presenting a condition under water.

Do not give me the madness of the depths, said Andrés García when delving further into this topic.

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“It’s narcosis”

It usually occurs in the depths of the sea, where it indicates the person feels much better each time he swims at deep sea.

You start by going deeper than your body assimilates and you start to feel a wonderful well-being. If there is no one to catch you there you drown, he stressed.

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Who or how did they rescue him?

The outstanding “theater actor” of works such as “Perfume de gardenias”, “Three uneven couples”, etc., details that thanks to a close friend who accompanied him on that first occasion

I think it was Alfonso who took me by the ankles to prevent me from sinking further, he told me give it up.

The father of the famous Leonardo and Andrea García reveals that if the other companions have no experience, they are unaware of the true state caused by “nitrogen narcosis.”

They believe that you are having a great time and if you are having a great time, the point is that each time you go deeper until you drown

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García reveals that thanks to his experienced companion who had a greater resistance to this condition: “Because he had more resistance than me to” narcosis. ”