8 anime-style video game movies worth watching

Anime and video game markets often team up, offering fans more entertainment options.

Many times we have asked ourselves “Would the story of this video game work in a movie?”, And clearly, the same idea passed through numerous animation studios, which borrowed the licenses of several of our favorite titles, and gave us animated feature films, which were very well received.

Over the years, many projects were launched under this premise: video game stories told through a film to the anime style, but not all ideas flourished as their creators hoped. However, the community was pampered with the other side of the coin, as we have received several feature films that are worth it, and we are going to share 8 of them with you.

Pokémon: The First movie

Pokémon: The First movie One of the most obvious, and with which many of us grew up. The film introduces Mew and Mewtwo to Pokémon fans for the first time, introducing them to the world with a battle bigger than any in the series.

Fatal Fury: The Motion Picture

Fatal Fury: The Motion Picture SNK injected more strength into its popular franchise, Fatal Fury, with this 1994 film. Many people met Terry Bogard and Mai Shiranui, two of the most iconic representatives of the series, through this feature film.

Street Fighter 2: The Animated Movie

Street Fighter 2: The Animated Movie Coming out the same year as the Fatal Fury movie, this was the time Capcom and SNK pulled each other’s hair for the throne in the fighting genre. This film featured many characters from the saga in various battles.

Halo Legends

Halo Legends A compilation of animated shorts made by various animation studios, Halo Legends expanded the already immense universe known to millions of gamers on Xbox, and Master Chief became even more popular.

Ni No Kuni

Ni No Kuni Speaking of anime, we couldn’t forget about Ni No Kuni. Loved by many and hated by others, this adaptation introduced us to new characters, who visit the parallel world that we met in the video game of the same name.

Dead Space: Downfall

Dead Space: Downfall Horror titles can be very well represented in anime, as this film demonstrated. A prequel to the first Dead Space, here we witness the discovery of the Marker, the artifact responsible for all the horror and mayhem.

Persona 4: The Animation

Persona 4: The Animation This movie tells the story of the video game of the same name, but from a different perspective, which was liked by many. Sometimes a slight deviation from the original plot is all it takes, to please everyone.

Animal Crossing: The Movie

Animal Crossing: The Movie This film preserves the main plot of Animal Crossing, where a human arrives in a town full of anthropomorphic animals. It has not been released outside of Japan, but you can find it with unofficial translations.

Do you know any other anime-style movies that we missed? If we get out of this style of animation, we can find other feature films that are very worthwhile, such as Resident Evil: Degeneration, or the popular tape Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children.

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