70 premieres to watch this week on Netflix, Disney+, Prime Video, HBO Max, Movistar+ June 13 – 19

A week without a doubt lavish in terms of premieres, from this Monday to next Sunday no less than 70 contents will be released among the 6 main VOD platforms in Spain. A good number of premieres for the week of June 13 to 19 that we are going to review:

Netflix, which premieres 23 titles, has among its highlights the film Spiderhead, with a Chris Hemsworth having a great time in the trailer for a (half) mad scientist in a film by Joseph Kosinski (Tron Legacy) that just came out of the critical mega-success of Maverick: Top Gun, in which an inmate in a state-of-the-art prison begins to put in doubt the purpose of what they are administering: drugs capable of controlling emotions.

We also have Centaur: a motorcycle driver starts transporting drugs to pay off the debt of his son’s mother with some traffickers, putting his professional future and his life in danger. Y Jennifer Lopez: Halftime: a documentary in which global superstar Jennifer Lopez reflects on her multifaceted career and the pressure of living in the spotlight.

On HBO Max there is only one premiere, the movie The Father of the Bride, a remake of the homonymous 90s comedy by Steve Martin, which in turn was a remake of the original by Vincente Minelli, giving the leading role to Andy Garcia and a Latin American family as the axis of the action.

In Amazon Prime Video they stand out the summer i fell in love, a multi-generational drama revolving around a love triangle between a girl and two brothers, the changing relationships between mothers and sons, and the enduring power of a strong female friendship. It’s a coming of age story about first love, first heartbreak, and the magic of a perfect summer. From the creator Jenny Han, author of the bestselling novel series To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before.

My Fake Boyfriend Andrew has a serious problem: he can’t get away from the toxic boyfriend who just left him. His nosy friends decide to help him by creating “Cristiano”, a perfect new fake boyfriend to show off on social media. Problem solved, right? Well no. When Cristiano goes viral and becomes a global sensation, Andrew meets, in real life, the boy of his dreams, Rafi.

Y The world is yours third installment of the particular Andalusian trilogy that began with the delirious and stupendous The World is Ours in which this time its authors shoot with irony at the wealthy classes and elites of Spain: Rafi is penniless and sneaks into the hunt organized by the Marchioness who brings together all the Spanish high society to sell them her business and get out of the rut once and for all. Inside her is Fali, who is no longer her compadre. Both will realize that hunting is not what it seems, and that the future of the country is being decided on the farm.

At Disney+ we have With love, Victor season 3: this season finds Victor on a journey of self-discovery, not only deciding who he wants to be with, but more broadly, who he wants to be. With their post-high school plans in the offing, Victor and his friends are faced with a new set of problems they must solve in order to make the best decisions for his future.

Y L’Opera. Season 1: Set in the sanctuary of French dance, the Opera Garnier, follows three characters whose dreams collide with reality and whose purity faces corruption.


June 13

Charlie in Villasticker

June 15

God’s Favorite Idiot


June 16

Love and Anarchy Season 2

The Deadlock: A Paranormal Park

Video clips from the world of Karma, season 2

June 17

she, season 2

Neighbor Wars Season 2

you don’t know who i am

June 18



June 15

The God’s anger



June 16


June 17



June 13

Peter Davidson Presents: The Best Friends

June 14

Jennifer Lopez: Halftime

Jane Fonda & Lily Tomlin: Ladies Night Live

June 15

Iron Chef: The Legend of Iron

June 16

Tomma Ikuta sings, dances and performs Kabuki

Snoop Dogg’s F*cn Around Comedy Special

June 17

The Mitchell Effect

June 19

Ben Crump: The Advocate for African Americans


June 16

the father of the bride


Wednesday 15

Super… who?

Premieres by M+ (dial 11). A brainless, irreverent and funny French comedy that parodies Marvel and DC movies and in which the protagonist tries to do good… but bad. Directed, written and starring Philippe Lacheau (‘Alibi.com, deception agency’), ‘Super… Who?’ follows Cedric, a down-on-his-luck actor who gets the chance of a lifetime from him when, by sheer fluke, he lands the lead role in ‘Badman’, a new superhero production.

friday 17

The Duke

Premieres on M+(dial 11) Jim Broadbent and Helen Mirren in a funny and heartwarming British comedy based on a shocking true story. Directed by Roger Michell (Notting Hill, Morning Glory).

Sunday 19

To Olivia. direct premiere

Premieres by M+ (dial 11). Hugh Bonneville (“Downton Abbey”) stars as writer Roald Dahl in this intense biopic that delves into the underbelly of his family life.


Monday 13

Trigger Point: out of control

Monday 13 in Series by M+ (dial 32). The series recounts the frantic day-to-day life of a group of bomb squads on the front line of action, with detail and a level of truth rarely seen on television. Starring Vicky McClure (‘Line of Duty’, ‘Alex Rider’) and produced by Jed Mercurio (‘Line of Duty’, ‘Bodyguard’). Every Monday a new episode until completing the six.

Thursday 16

Paradise. Final season

Three years have passed since the events of the first season and another group of Undead, the Novavis, appears in Almanzora. His objective is to destroy the town in order to carry out his ritual of regeneration. The lives of Javi’s family and friends and his gang are in danger. Added to all this is another mystery: Javi’s true origin, a secret hidden by his parents since his birth.


Monday 13

Ukraine: flee or stay

#0 by M+ (dial 7). War puts all people in the same dilemma: flee or stay? The decision must be made in a second, sometimes under the thunderous noise of the bombs, and the chosen option changes the course of lives. In this documentary we will discover what life is like for those who have decided to stay in their country despite their situation.

Saturday 18

The story of Paranormal Activity

Premieres 2 by M+ (dial 12). This is the story of ‘Paranormal Activity’ and its unlikely success, a film directed by someone with no experience in cinema, starring completely unknown actors, with a budget that barely reached ten thousand euros and which was shot in just seven days with a digital camera.

Sunday 19

We need to talk about Cosby

Premieres by M+ (dial 11). This documentary reflects on and explores the achievements and crimes of Bill Cosby, a world star and television icon who made history with ‘The Bill Cosby Hour’, a show that showed how a black family escaped the stereotypes of the time and defended education and social inclusion. His talent paved the way for new generations of black artists, but his mask fell when he was accused of sexual assault by more than 60 women, a crime for which he was tried and convicted.

Amazon Prime Video series, movies and documentaries for June 2022

June 17

the summer i fell in love

My Fake Boyfriend

the world is yours


June 15

With love, Victor, season 3

Strengthening the family

it was always me

American Crime Story, Seasons 1–3

The Opera


Big Hero 6: The Series, Season 3

June 17

BabyTv: Charlie & The Numbers

BabyTv: Charlie & The Alphabet

BabyTv: Charlie & The Shapes

BabyTv: Little Lolva visits the farm

BabyTv: Little Lola visits de city

BabyTv: The Post Train

Baby TV: Rocco

BabyTv: Snail Trail

BabyTv: Mona & Sketch

BabyTv: Dino & the egg hunts

BabyTv: The Tiny Bunch

BabyTv: Ahoy pirates

BabyTv: Stitches

BabyTv: Toto’s Kindergarten

BabyTv: Songs & Rhymes

BabyTv: What a wonderful day

BabyTv: Giggle Wiggle

BabyTv: the egg band


June 17



the fat one was mounted

maximum anxiety

Series Filmin June 2022

June 14


Outstanding Icelandic series about a well-intentioned populist politician who becomes the country’s prime minister despite his severe personality disorder.

June 17

The fragrance of first love

The love between two women, in adolescence and maturity, beats strongly in this Taiwanese series, chosen by Variety as one of the best international series of 2021.

Movies Filmin June 2022

June 17

A little plan… how to save the planet

Louis Garrel directs this fresh and endearing little green film about a boy looking to fund a project to save the world.

Documentaries Filmin June 2022

June 17


Vermeer, Da Vinci, Velázquez, Arcimboldo or Basquiat are some of the protagonists of this new series of documentaries that will delight art lovers. Seven films that reveal to us the hidden side of the works that have made history, and of some of the painters and photographers that have invaded our collective visual imagination.

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70 premieres to watch this week on Netflix, Disney+, Prime Video, HBO Max, Movistar+ June 13 – 19