6 People Responsible for the Success of Marvel Studios

There is a group of 6 people doing shadow work to make Marvel Studios hit one hit after another.

If you are attentive to the end credits of the movies of the UCMYou can read Marvel Studios Parliament and 6 names associated with what they are Stephen Broussard, Eric Hauserman Carroll, Nate Moore, Jonathan Schwartz, Trinh Tran, and Brad Winderbaum. But what is that? The producer Nate Moorewhich is currently promoting Black Panther: Wakanda Forever He wanted to explain it in a recent interview with CB.

“Parliament is essentially those of us who have been with the company longer than we care to admit and who help each other with ideas across properties, regardless of whether it’s my movie or Jonathan Schwartz’s movie or Stephen Broussard’s.” . And then yes, it is nothing more than that. We came up with the name as a joke and it stuck, and now I’m forced to answer questions from my friends, like: What is Parliament? I’m like: Oh boy. It’s really just kind of an intellectual confidence to help elevate movies when we can.”

So they’re the ones who try to deliver you Marvel Studios be better and therefore more successful.

Something that this saga stands out for is its coherence.

since it premiered Hombre de Hierro in 2008, up to the present, they have tried to make a unified history with many ramifications. Something that is tremendously difficult. But it seems that the Marvel Studios Parliament They’re not the only ones doing that. This explains it Nate Moore:

“I would say it’s certainly not just our responsibility because we have colleagues in both movies and shows who aren’t technically in Parliament, but who are incredibly instrumental in making sure that continuity is maintained and that our different properties don’t get in each other’s way. the other”.

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6 People Responsible for the Success of Marvel Studios