50 premieres this week on HBO Max, Netflix, Disney+, Prime Video, Movistar+ May 16 – 22: Matrix Resurrections

We enter the third week of May and in full post-Eurovision 2022 hangover in which we have been in an epic third place. One of those weeks that we love in the field of VOD releases, because several very important releases come together. And if not, pay attention to everything that is about to reach us between now and Sunday:

We start with the biggest premiere of the year on HBO Max Spain, because if last month we had The Batman, this week we have the latest installment of the iconic Neo in Matrix Resurrections. The film, one of the biggest failures of 2021, has divided fans of the franchise, although the meta-referential game that Lana Wachowski poses directing alone, and seeing Keanu Reeves and Carrie Anne-Moss together again as Neo and Trinity, are the best of a film that should be seen for what it is: not a new Matrix or the beginning of a saga, but a late epilogue that comes almost 20 years after the end of the Matrix Revolutions to close the plot of the tetralogy.

But there is more, since another outstanding premiere is The time traveler’s wife second adaptation of the novel by Audrey Niffenegger published in 2003, in which a man has a genetic disorder that causes him to continuously travel through time without being able to avoid it, and his wife must deal with his frequent absences.

And Netflix also brings bombshells as it is Love, Death + Robots with a volume 3 also highly anticipated. David Fincher and Tim Miller’s animated series keeps its plots and stories secret, but it already has a trailer that brings us back that compilation of stories that span different genres, from science fiction to horror and comedy.

Halloween, the veteran slasher saga started by the eponymous installment by John Carpenter that has continued to have installments and reboots to this day. In 2018, and counting again on Jamie Lee Curtis -scream queen par excellence-, the original 1978 Halloween had a sequel that has revitalized the saga and that Netflix brings this May.

Y Jackass 4.5, which, following the cinematographic tradition of the saga, premieres a continuation of the last film -Jackass Forever- made from all the unpublished material that did not make the cut of Forever. EITHER fuck love…againromantic comedy, several friends with unsuccessful love lives try to help each other… but things don’t always work out for them.

From Amazon Prime Video and Italy comes the series Bang Bang Baby, a crime drama set in 1986. Alice is sixteen years old and lives in a small town in northern Italy. Her teenage life changes abruptly when she discovers that her father, whom she thought was dead, is still alive. For Alice, it is the beginning of a descent into hell, and out of love for her father, she immerses herself fully in the dangerous world of the mafia and is seduced by the charm that comes with crime.

And come back LOL: If you laugh, you lose, second season that summons the best masters of monologues, imitations, humor and improvisation. The contestants in this installment will be Anabel Alonso, Henar Álvarez, Juan Amodeo, Carlos Areces, Lorena Castell, Patricia Conde, Antón Lofer, Luis Piedrahita, JJ Vaquero and Yolanda Ramos, who will return as a contestant with the challenge of surpassing herself after her brief but hilarious participation in the first season of the program.

In Disney + we have the end of walking dead, that after more than a decade reaches the end of its journey with the season 11, in which we will see the fate of characters like Daryl or Negan in an environment still plagued by zombies in which humans are clearly worse than these. Y valetwhich tells us the story of Antonio, a valet who will have to pretend to be the real boyfriend of an international star who has been caught by the paparazzi with his lover, a married man.

And the return of other beloved characters such as Chip and Chop, very popular in the Disney of the 90s with their series The Rescue Guardians. Precisely the same title will have the film that Disney + has made bringing back the characters -who wear the same costumes-, only mixing it with a Space Jam touch putting Chip and Chop in the real world with a meta-cinema concept that its trailer already makes it clear.

Also on film the ‘straight cut’ of Irreversible, one of the hardest films to watch and that is now being released with all its scenes in chronological order -in the original it was the other way around, it started at the end of the film and ended at the beginning.

Controversial at its premiere in 2002, 20 years later and in the middle of the #MeToo era, the unbearable 9-minute rape scene of Monica Belluci’s character in the still-shot film continues to impress with its tremendous and overwhelming realism. And in an era in which films are afraid to surpass the PG-13, the scene of the cracked skull (also in a fixed shot), turns stomachs due to the effectiveness of its staging. Advocacy for shock value or so realistic that it makes it uncomfortable to see? ? The viewer decides, as always happens with Noé.

Netflix Series May 2022

May 16

A vampire in the garden

May 17

Future Diary Season 2

May 18

Who Killed Sara? Season 3

May 20

Love, Death + Robots Vol. 3

Netflix Movies May 2022

May 16


The Game

May 18

in tuscany

May 19

such for which

May 20

The perfect family

Jackass 4.5

Documentaries and Netflix Specials May 2022

May 18

cyber hell The investigation that uncovered the horror

May 19

The Photographer and the Postman (The Crime of Cabezas)

Insiders Season 2

HBO Max series May 2022

May 16

The time traveler’s wife

Movies HBO Max May 2022

May 22

Matrix Resurrections

Movistar+ Movies May 2022

Tuesday 17

The Nowhere Inn

Premieres by M+ (dial 30). Fake documentary that mixes self-parody with musical interpretations to the delight of fans of the famous singer St. Vincent, winner of several Grammys and Independent Music Awards. The film, presented at the Sundance Film Festival, humorously explores themes such as fame and the identity of a person who has chosen to live with an alter ego.


M+ (dial 30). Brave, raw and wild. This is how this debut film is that exposes the dark side of the porn industry and caught the attention of competitions such as the Sundance Festival, the European Film Awards or the British Independent Film Awards. ‘Pleasure’ breaks taboos and exposes the dynamics of gender and power through the story of Linnéa, an aspiring teen X movie star who prepares to make her first pornographic video.

Friday 20

years of drought

Premieres 2 by M+ (dial 31). Eric Bana (‘The Boleyn Sisters’, ‘Troy’) stars in this dramatic thriller about an Australian cop who must confront the prejudice of his former neighbors and his pent-up anger at him. Bana plays Aaron Falk, a federal agent who, after more than twenty years of absence, returns to his hometown, devastated by a decade of drought, to attend the funeral of his childhood friend, who is accused of having killed his wife and son before committing suicide.

Saturday 21


M+ (dial 30). How do you combat forgetfulness and memory loss? Colin Firth (‘The King’s Speech’) and Stanley Tucci (‘Fortune’), two giants at the top of their careers, play a tender couple who face the premature dementia of one of them. Essential and shocking drama about unconditional love and the ravages that the disease causes in the affected person and those closest to him.

Movistar+ series May 2022

Thursday 19

Rapa. Original Movistar Plus+

Complete on demand. Amparo Seoane, the mayor of the Galician town of Cedeira and the most powerful woman in the area, is assassinated. Investigating the crime will become an obsession for Maite, a civil guard sergeant, and for Tomás, the only witness to the murder. For Maite, looking for the murderer is an obligation. For Tomás, a Literature teacher without many vital horizons, it is the opportunity (possibly the last) to live a story like the ones he loves to read.

Sunday 22

Better Call Saul. Season 6 Finale

Series 2 by M+ (dial 12). The final season concludes Jimmy McGill’s (Bob Odenkirk) complicated journey of transformation into hustler and criminal lawyer Saul Goodman. From the cartel to the courts, from Albuquerque to Omaha, season six follows Jimmy/Saul/Gene as they try to drop off Lalo’s (Tony Dalton) radar.

Documentaries Movistar+ May 2022

Monday 16

Ukraine: women in war

#0 (dial 7). Shot in Ukraine and on the country’s borders with Poland and Romania, ‘Ukraine: Women at War’ gives a voice to women who are victims of a war orchestrated by men. In the documentary we will see how they are living the conflict, mothers, daughters, sisters or wives. This production of La Caña Brothers collects the testimonies of refugees, volunteers, journalists and police officers, it is a tribute and serves to understand how they feel and the traumatic processes to which they are being subjected in the XXI century.

Wednesday 18

The Sparks Brothers.

Premieres by M+(dial 30). How can a rock group be successful, underrated, influential and ignored at the same time? The Sparks brothers are music history: they have been on stage for 50 years and their shadow of influence is long, Queen, Abba or Franz Ferdinand are just some of the groups that have been inspired by them.

Thursday 19

John Huston, a free soul

Premieres by M+(dial 30). Actor, screenwriter and director, John Huston is a Hollywood legend. ‘John Huston, a free soul’ is a documentary that explores the unique personal and cinematographic universe of an adventurer who knew how to free himself from the dictates of Hollywood. His unique personality distanced himself from the clichés of the big movie industry without giving up the big stars of the moment like Humphrey Bogart, Marilyn Monroe or Katharine Hepburn, or big budgets.

Series, Movies and Documentaries Amazon Prime Video May 2022

May 19

bang bang baby


trolls world tour


May 20

LOL: If you laugh, you lose season 2

night sky

Disney+ Series May 2022

May 18

Life and Beth

The Godfather of Harlem, seasons 1-2

The Walking Dead, Season 11B

The passage

Between Brothers, seasons 1-3

Disney+ Movies May 2022

May 20

Assassin’s Creed

Chip and Chop: The Rescue Guardians


eddie the eagle


Disney+ Documentaries May 2022

May 18

Tribe Survival: Season Three

Series Filmin May 2022

May 17

The time of happiness, season 2

Oil and wealth in Norway in the second season of this hit from Filmin, which is now set in the late 1970s and deals with safety and accidents in the North Sea.

Movies Filmin May 2022

May 20

the story of my wife

Ildikó Enyedi (“In body and soul”), directs this adaptation of the homonymous novel by Milan Fust. A classic drama starring Léa Seydoux and Louis Garrel.

Irreversible, integral version

During the 76th Venice Film Festival, the director of “Climax” premiered the “Straight Cut” version of his most popular work, “Irreversible”, in which the events that take place in the original film, starring Monica, are narrated in order Bellucci, Vincent Cassel and Albert Dupontel.

Documentaries Filmin May 2022

May 20


From a very young age, Val Kilmer dedicated himself to recording his life. Now, thanks to all those home videos, we are privileged witnesses to the rise and fall of the great Hollywood myth of the 80s and 90s, whose career and personal life have been hit by throat cancer.

The case

Shocking documentary about the lawyer Maria Eismont that portrays how some fundamental freedoms, such as freedom of assembly or political activism, are a chimera in Putin’s Russia.

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50 premieres this week on HBO Max, Netflix, Disney+, Prime Video, Movistar+ May 16 – 22: Matrix Resurrections