5 movies about mental health [+VIDEO]

Cinema is a platform that allows us to address realities, one of which is mental illness. Mental disorders have been brought to the big screen alongside stars like Joaquin Phoenix, Robert De Niro and Angelina Jolie.

These are some stories where its protagonists have some mental illness, we present the trailer and on which streaming platform you can see them.

Interrupted innocence

A 1999 story starring Winona Ryder and Angelina Jolie, based on the memoir written by American writer Susanna Kaysen and published in 1993, in which she recounts her experiences as a patient in a psychiatric hospital in the 1960s after being diagnosed with Borderline personality disorder. Available on Netflix.

Synopsis: After an emotional crisis, Susanna enters a mental institution against her will. There, she meets an irresistible patient who causes all kinds of trouble.

An amazing mind

Biographical film based on the story of mathematician John Forbes Nash and his struggle against paranoid schizophrenia. It shows the stages of progress of the disease, the treatments and how it affected his academic career. Starring Russell Crowe and Jennifer Connelly. Available on HBO Max.

Synopsis: The story of the brilliant mathematician John Forbes Nash Jr., who, despite suffering from schizophrenia, managed to develop his career and win the Nobel Prize.

Always Alice

A 2014 film based on the novel of the same name by writer Lisa Genova. Starring Julianne Moore as Alice, a Columbia University linguist diagnosed with early-onset Alzheimer’s. Available on HBO Max.

Synopsis: A vibrant and accomplished college professor disappears in front of her friends and family as Alzheimer’s slowly destroys her mind.

the black swan

Starring Natalie Portman, in the role of Nina, who has Dissociative Identity Disorder, and paranoid schizophrenia, so maintaining stable mental health is difficult. Portman won the Oscar for Best Actress. Available on Star+.

Synopsis: A ballerina begins to lose her fragile sense of reality when a newcomer partner threatens to usurp her position in the title role of “Swan Lake.”


This film took 11 statuettes including the Oscar for best actor to Joaquin Phoenix. With an interpretation of Arthur who suffers from pseudobulbar disease (uncontrollable laughter and crying), schizophrenia, depression and anxiety. Available: HBO Max.

Synopsis: Arthur Fleck loves to make people laugh, but his career as a comedian is a failure. Social rejection, marginalization and a series of tragic events lead him down the path of madness and, finally, he falls into the world of crime.


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5 movies about mental health [+VIDEO]