5 horror movies you can watch on Star+

From left to right: “The Empty Man”, “Bloody Wedding”, “Flee!”, “The Hunt”, “Fresh”. (Star Plus, Universal Pictures, Fox Searchlight, Blumhouse Productions)

Star+ It has a good list of horror titles of the highlights. Quite new titles that have renewed the genre are available on the platform and you are going to give yourself a good selection of movies for you to watch.


The film “follows Noa, who meets handsome Steve at a grocery store, and given her frustration with dating apps, takes a chance and gives him her phone number. After her first date, Noa falls in love with her and accepts Steve’s invitation on a romantic weekend getaway, only to discover that her new lover has been hiding some creepy appetites”; she notes the official synopsis of her on the platform. Fresh It’s a 2022 movie.

What seemed like a romantic encounter and love at first sight became a horror film with conjuncture themes. (Star Plus)

The hunting

The Hunt is a 2020 action-horror-thriller-black-comedy film and is a “subversive satire”, in which a select group of the social elite gathers in a mansion far from the world to hunt down ordinary Americans. However, one of the inmates, who is a woman named Crystal, prepares a surprise that will turn her sadistic game on its head. The hunting It was directed by Craig Zobel and it is a controversial feature film that was banned in the United States due to the sensitivity of its plot and the relationship with the sad events of murders in that country.

Betty Gilpin is one of the protagonists of "The hunting" (The Hunt). (Universal Pictures)
Betty Gilpin is one of the protagonists of “The hunt” (The Hunt). (Universal Pictures)

The Empty Man

Supernatural horror film that recounts chilling events that occurred in a Midwestern town. The story focuses on a retired police officer, who, marked by the violent death of his family, decides to go further in order to investigate the disappearance of a friend’s daughter. Therefore, as information becomes available, the agent suspects that the kidnapping of the little girl is linked to a sect that tries to summon a demonic being.

Following the trail of a missing girl, an ex-cop comes across a secret group trying to summon a terrifying supernatural entity. (Star Plus)

Ready or Not (Bloody Wedding)

Canadian feature film from 2019 that follows the terrifying experience that a soon to be married woman has to go through. On her wedding night, the bride-to-be is invited by her husband’s rich and maniacal family to participate in an ancient tradition that turns into a deadly game of survival. Will it be ready or not? This movie only got good reactions including that of Variety, which called it “a dark and disturbing thriller that offers a number of subversive pleasures.” It managed to enter the list of the best Canadian films of all time.

Samara Weaving is the protagonist of this chilling story. (FoxSearchlight)
Samara Weaving is the protagonist of this chilling story. (FoxSearchlight)


“A young African-American man visits the family of his white girlfriend, a wealthy married couple. For Chris and his girlfriend Rose, the time has come to meet the future in-laws, so she invites him to spend a weekend in the country with her parents, Missy and Dean. At first, Chris thinks the parents’ “overly” accommodating behavior is due to their nervousness about their daughter’s interracial relationship, but as the hours pass, a series of increasingly disturbing discoveries lead him to uncover a truth. horrifying and unimaginable.” Daniel Kaluya is the protagonist of this thriller, created and directed by jordan peele and one of the most remembered films of the past decade.

Chris goes to meet the parents of Rose, his girlfriend. At first they are delighted, but a little later he discovers that his in-laws are hiding a creepy secret. (Blumhouse Productions)


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5 horror movies you can watch on Star+