5 great Star+ premieres that you can now stream

During the pandemic, Hollywood had to reinvent itself. Especially at a time when the global health emergency put the industry in unprecedented danger. So, the great premieres arrived directly to online platforms. What allowed the survival of the seventh art and offered a new way of enjoying the cinematographic world.

After the critical moment, theaters once again became the center of the cinema experience. However, subscription services acquired a new relevance. In particular, as a simple method to offer films that were not popular enough or could not reach a mass audience. What turned several of the catalogs into a selection of the best recent releases within the reach of any subscriber from the comfort of their home.

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We leave you with five great Star+ premieres that you didn’t know were in their catalogue. The reboot of a classic horror franchise, one of the most personal works of a famous director and recent Oscar nominees. The list includes a collection of titles that will allow you to browse the best of cinema with a single click.


Door to hell, written and directed by Clive Barker, was released in 1987 and caused a stir. Not only for being a whole new take on body terror, but also for bringing a bewildering kind of monster to the big screen. The Cenobites, halfway between demons and sadists, became symbols of evil. At the same time, from a construction of fear that involved the emotional, but also the purely carnal. An instant classic, the film became the epitome of sickening, mythological horror that made history.

However, after three decades and ten films, the franchise had lost some of its appeal. In particular, after a series of uninteresting sequels undermined its potent plot conflict. From being an exploration into the profane limits of terror, desire and existential angst, the latest feature films have simply been more explicit. Which led to an inevitable decline in the saga.

So, David Bruckner (The Ritual) joined the project of a total reboot. The script would be based on the idea of ​​supporting a good part of the original plot. But, in addition, to delve into the obsessions that surrounded the films. The result was an inspired reinvention of the mythology that was associated with the occult artifact through which it was possible to open doors to dark dimensions. With a neat visual section and an elegant script by David S. Goyer, Luke Piotrowski and Ben Collins, the Cenobites returned to the cinema. hellraiser It is one of the great Star+ premieres that you can enjoy right now.

The French Chronicleanother great premiere of Star+

Over the years, Wes Anderson has distinguished himself by a constant aesthetic search that has become increasingly elegant and profound. The French Chronicle it condenses much of its attention to visual detail, with an homage to old-school journalism. All in the midst of a careful and well-constructed journey about the meaning of love, existence, repressed desires and artistic sensibility. A great premiere that you can now enjoy in the Star+ catalogue.

The script, also written by the director, follows the circumstances surrounding a team of American journalists when their editor dies. In a game of time lines that intersect with each other, he recounts what happened in the days immediately prior to the death. But, at the same time, it tells the story of The French Chroniclea fictitious magazine in whose writing, journalism is still a craft.

Divided into the various reports included in the publication, each of the stories focuses on a different character. From the curious story of a reporter who covers the life of an artist in prison, to the nostalgia of a writer who returns to his old school to give a lecture. The film explores a love of writing, a sense of significance, and journalistic integrity.

Scream V

In the same way thate Hellraiser: Herthe film Scream V is a successful reinvention of the saga that began at the hands of Wes Craven. After the franchise faltered in the mid-2000s, his return wasn’t just a reinterpretation of the original premise. This time, the assassin camouflaged among a group of friends is a symbolic homage to the first film. Scream. watch who’s callingfrom 1996, not only reinvigorated the slasher genre, but took its formula to a level of greater interest and a wider audience than just horror fans.

Somehow, the fifth installment does something similar. Directed by Matt Bettinelli-Olpin and Tyler Gillett, it brings surviving characters from previous installments back to the franchise. What includes Sydney Prescott (Neve Campbell), again at the center of a wave of murders that terrorizes the city of Woodsboro. With a more pronounced meta-referential element than the rest of the saga, the plot pays tribute to each of the elements that made the original famous.

The cast also features David Arquette and Courteney Cox reprising their roles as dewey riley and Gale Weathers. At the same time, it includes new faces like Melissa Barrera, Jack Quaid, Jenna Ortega and Dylan Minnette. Taken together, this other of Star+’s great premieres manages to recover the best of the spirit of Wes Craven’s creation and open the doors for a whole series of new stories.

Chef Slowik (Ralph Fiennes) has absolute control of his kitchen and every member of the team that makes it up. But what seems like an exaggerated vision of designer food—with harsh rules and bizarre staging—turns out to be a deadly experience. One that you can now enjoy on Star+ thanks to its selection of great premieres.

In the secluded restaurant Hawthorne, guests will discover that the expert’s frenzy with control and greed will make them victims and hostages. In the end, in a hair-raising demonstration of a violent version of life, luxury and social stratification.

Mark Mylod, who directed several of the best episodes of successionachieves with The menu a new conception of terror in a subtle terrain. At the same time, a unique reflection on decadence, luxury and the vices of a vain society. The result is a tense, uncomfortable and neat work, whose best scenes are centered around elegant tables and a peculiar cultural commentary on contemporary evil.

Banshees by Inisherin

padraic (Colin Farrell) only has one friend: Colm (Brendan Gleeson). The lives of both men are spent in the quiet solitude of the island of Inisherin, where the routine is exactly the same day after day. For thirty years, these friends have shared beer and good conversation in the only bar in the isolated town. They have become adults in front of the glass and intimate between jokes and violin music.


signup in Star+ and you will have access to the best series and exclusive movies as alien, The Simpson, X Men and the walking dead. Includes local productions Star Originals and all sports on ESPNsuch as LaLiga, the Champions League or the NBA.

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So when Colm decides without explanation to walk away from padriac, the world of the latter will fall apart. Which will lead him to a desperate attempt to recover the lost friendship, even if he doesn’t know why his bond was broken. Much less, the reasons that turn the situation into something more serious and profound. Director Martin McDonagh turns a small anecdote into a transit of pain and anguish that ends up being deadly. A version of intimate suffering that is an exploration of fear and emotional distance.

With five nominations for the 2023 Oscars, including Best Picture and Best Director, this masterpiece has a special place among the great releases in the Star+ catalogue.

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5 great Star+ premieres that you can now stream