5 alien invasion movies available on Amazon Prime Video

We know that the science fiction genre is extremely broad. When we hear those two words, the first that come to mind are stories related to robotics, new technologies, the possibility of exploring the universe, the end of civilizations, time travel or alien / extraterrestrial invasions, among many others.

[email protected] we have our favorites, and some of them address one of these specific issues, exploring the possibilities of human beings in the face of a future that seems ever closer. But can you imagine a new movie that encompasses all of these as well as a good dose of action?

As well. The title of this tape – which is all in one – is The war of tomorrow (The Tomorrow War), an Amazon Prime Video original which will premiere on July 2. The plot is half tangled, but it is interesting …

guerra mañana chris pratt

Chris Pratt as the protagonist of ‘The War of Tomorrow’. / Photo: Prime Video

The war of tomorrow

Imagine living in your normality, and seeing how it is interrupted because some time travelers travel to the past (which is our present) to recruit people and fight a war that will take place for 30 years in the future (ours).

If we don’t fight some aliens who want to dominate the Earth, the human race will simply disappear. These people from the future return to our time to recruit [email protected] of war and fight these aliens. How much time left? 11 months…

We know that the story sounds like the protagonist is Tom Cruise. And there is no way to think otherwise. However, The war of tomorrow stars Chris Pratt along with Yvonne Strahovski and JK Simmons.

Regarding this premiere that has us very [email protected], the thing is we dived into the Prime Video catalog to find other movies about alien invasions or contact, that will prepare us for what happens in Tomorrow’s War. Which one would you add?


In 2077, a highly advanced alien race aims to end the human race. So his first attack is towards the Luna destroying it to destabilize life on Earth, and to top it off, they sent killer drones.

But there is survivors trained to face these drones and try to save what little is left. Here comes the character of Jack Harper, who lives in a colony and has only two weeks to finish his mission … but everything turns into chaos when he discovers a woman inside a capsule.

Oblivion it didn’t get very good reviews, but it’s actually a good movie that we recommend for two reasons: Tom Cruise is flawless as always, and although the idea is not developed to its full potential, it has a good dose of action and mystery.


If you are a fan of Arrival by Denis Villeneuve, then you must see Contact. And if you’re a fan of humanity making contact with beings beyond our galaxy, this movie is for you again. Contact, directed by Robert Zemeckis, is an adaptation of Carl Sagan’s novel of the same name, a science fiction classic.

Here we meet the Dr. Ellie Arroway played by Jodie Foster. She is obsessed with the idea that we are not the only living or thinking beings in the universe., so he always looks for some kind of contact … and one day, he finds it. So you must first decipher the message, and prevent the authorities from interfering in the communication that It could solve the mystery of our existence and the origin of the universe.

War of the worlds

This movie is mandatory no matter it is Tom Cruise’s second on this list (and it won’t be the last). Steven Spielberg took the HG Welles classic to turn it into a massive production. Ray Ferrier must take care of his [email protected] during the weekend while his ex-wife travels to Boston with her new partner.

However, on the first day an invasion on Earth begins: the sky turns black and the wind is heading into the storm. At some point, huge rays start to come out, striking exactly the same points, “Waking up” huge machines that annihilate all human beings that appear in their path. Ray must protect his [email protected], so they must leave their home and seek refuge amid the chaos of millions of people doing the same.

Edge of Tomorrow

Can you imagine being in an eternal loop in which you die and you cannot forget it? We have seen this idea in several movies or series, but in Edge of Tomorrow, also with Tom Cruise, takes an interesting course when it comes to a loop to exterminate some aliens that invaded Earth.

It is impossible to beat or defeat aliens, so the Major William Cage is assigned to a suicide mission to try to defeat the aliens using new combat technologies that are quite complicated. When killed in combat, Cage eEnter a loop in which you improve your skills, study enemies in depth and establishes contact with a soldier who knows his situation.

Men in Black

This film is in no way about an invasion or a first contact between aliens and human beings. However, we integrate it to this list because it is A classic from the 90s, it stars Tommy Lee Jones with Will Smith, and because the idea that humans and aliens can live under an agreement of harmony on Earth is fun.

Jones plays K, an agent for a Secret government group tasked with helping aliens enter Earth and adopt a kind of disguise so that they can live among human beings.