5 actors and actresses to whom we must pay attention in 2022

We are nowhere near the end of the year and undoubtedly the attention of many is already in 2022, between premieres, debuts and expectations, this is how you are actresses Y actors that promise to shine for the next year.

Some of them will sound familiar to you because of the current fame with which it already enjoys, some will reappear on the screen to leave us breathless, and steal some awards, many others you already expected because since they were announced as protagonists they created illusion for 2022.

5 actresses and actors who will steal your attention in 2022

Between the actresses On this list, one of the youngest and who has given much to talk about is the Argentine actress Anaya Josephine Taylor-Joy, better known as Anya Taylor-Joy. This young actress and model who debuted in the cinema in 2015 with the horror film The Witch adds to her good streak titles such as Split, Glass that earned her a leading role in 2020 with Lady’s Gambit.

For 2022 he will surprise us with an epic drama in The Northman directed by Robert Eggers. In addition, he will bet on giving voice to one of the most iconic characters in the world of video games, Princess Peach in the animated film of Mario Bros. Conclude the year with a participation in Canterbury Glass.

Benedict Timothy Carlton Cumberbatchl the British actor who left many surprised and eager to know more about his work with his latest trailer on the big screen where he plays Doctor Strange. If we talk about actors that will give a lot to talk about during 2022 is him.

Marvel is causing great stir with its contents, for them this actor will look and be expected in the new year. How many are already dreaming of seeing Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness? Does it break the box office as Spider-Man: No Way Home?

Who does not remember the famous Bella Swan? The mortal who fought everything to be a vampire. Regardless of this character played by Kristen Jaymes Stewart in the Twilight saga, this actress has been the face of Chanel or Balenciaga.

On the big screen he participated in films such as: Adventureland, Snow White and the hunter or Equals and this 2022 he has prepared one of the most anticipated surprises, his leading role in Spencer where he plays the famous Lady Di. Some hypothesize that this movie could lead her to steal some awards among the actresses of the moment.

And speaking of sagas that returned them actors Famous, Robert Douglas Thomas Pattinson, the British actor, model, producer and singer who also participated in the Twilight saga faces the challenge of 2022 where some say he will show the multifacetedness of his profession.

Pattinson achieved greater popularity by playing the character of Edward Cullen and moved to other types of roles in The Lost City of Z, High Life or The Lighthouse. This new year comes playing Batman in The Batman, will you break expectations?

The closing of this list is done by one of the actresses that her return was expected, we are talking about Natalie Portman, the Israeli actress, writer, director, dancer, film producer and psychologist who has won four awards for the same film.

How to forget work in Black Swan, but also in films like Closer, V for Vendetta, Goya’s ghosts or The Other Boleyn Girl. For this 2022 the audience awaits her in Thor: Love and Thunder playing Lady Thor.

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5 actors and actresses to whom we must pay attention in 2022