4 Amazon Prime Video Series You Should See Yes or Yes

If you are looking for action and science fiction series to watch on Amazon Prime Video, below you will find a list full of great fictions.

Over the years, different streaming platforms began to emerge. The truth is that there are many services that have become a success, and among them Amazon Prime Video stands out. Within the catalog of this company you can find many productions, whether movies, series or even documentaries. However, this time we will focus on fictions that deserve a chance.

If you find yourself undecided when choosing a new series to watch, at Cinemascómics we tell you which series are available on Amazon Prime Video that deserve a chance. In this list you will find productions focused on the genres of action, fantasy and also superheroes. If you still do not have a subscription on this streaming platform, you still have time! Click here and enjoy these incredible titles.

Series you don’t want to miss

Good Omens

This fiction available on Amazon Prime Video mixes the genres of fantasy and comedy. In this way, viewers will find a production that will surprise them with each of its episodes. The story focuses on a demon and an angel who must join forces, if they want to find a way to save the world as the end of time begins to approach. The fiction stars David Tennant and Michael Sheen.

The Boys

Amazon Prime Video series you must watch

One of the great successes of the streaming platform, which will soon launch its third season with New additions. This series is responsible for showing us a world full of superheroes who in the eyes of the inhabitants are incredible people, but when the cameras are turned off they are evil, murdered and frivolous heroes. For this reason, a group of vigilantes will try to stop these superheroes, despite the risks involved in fulfilling this plan.

Jack Ryan

Amazon Prime Video series you must watch

Starring John Krasinski, this Amazon Prime Video series introduces us to a CIA analyst who finds himself on a dangerous mission for the first time in his life. In this way, Ryan will be able to intercept a communication between terrorists and will have no other option but to enter this ruthless world, in order to stop a threat that promises to be a global destruction.


Amazon Prime Video series you must watch

This animated series introduces us to 17-year-old Mark Grayson. Although it seems that he is an ordinary teenager, his father is the most powerful superhero that lives on Earth. When he gets his powers and tries to follow the path of his father, Omni-Man; the teenager will discover that perhaps his father’s legacy is not as heroic as it seems. The fiction features the voices of JK Simmons and Steve Yeun, and was created by Robert Kirkman.

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4 Amazon Prime Video Series You Should See Yes or Yes