July 4, 2021

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30 years since the premiere of the movie ‘Terminator 2’ are celebrated

30 years since the premiere of the movie Terminator 2

In 1984 James Cameron presented a small budget film, but shocking and violent. It was about Terminator, the story of an indestructible robot (T-800) that traveled to the past to kill a young woman and thus prevent her from giving birth to who would be the leader of the resistance in a war between humans and machines, which occurred in the future.

The plot enchanted and elevated Arnold Schwarzenegger’s career, while giving the green light for Cameron to develop a new story and, of course, with a higher budget. This is how it was conceived Terminator 2: doomsday, which arrived on July 3, 1991 with a shocking visual experience and an unforgettable villain.

Robert Patrick was the unsurpassed T. 1000

In the story, beware that there are spoilers for those who have not seen it, Schwarzenegger changes sides and now wants to protect a teenager – who already knows the fate that awaits him – from a new model of cyber hit man, known as the T-1000 that will try to annihilate it.

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With more action and a less somber tone than its predecessor, this film became a worldwide box office success and was for its time one of the most expensive, with a budget of about 100 million dollars, which were largely spent on the film’s stunning visuals that harnessed the benefits of digital technology and paved the way for a change in aesthetics for film in the following years.

Everything seemed to work with this project: it was praised by audiences around the world, it had a more solid plant of protagonists and even the main soundtrack had the collaboration of Guns N’ Roses, who contributed the powerful song You Could Be Mine, which helped amplify the success of the film among younger audiences.

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Terminator 2 movie scenes

In Terminator 2 great advancements in visual effects were developed.

In addition, the critics gave their approval to consider it as a groundbreaking proposal for the action and science fiction genre. Hal Hinson wrote in The Washington Post that “it was an irresistible film”, while critic Roger Ebert considered that the success lay in its villain (this time Robert patrick, which terrified by his iron and brutal conviction to annihilate everyone who interposed in his plan to annihilate the protagonists).

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Now 30 years old, Terminator 2 has matured well into a present-day cinema of impressive digital effects and powerful superheroes. In fact, continues to be a benchmark for new science fiction projects and there is an adult generation that cannot forget the catchy phrase: “Hasta la vista, baby.”


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