3 Ways To Bring Back Tom Holland’s Spider-Man

How is Tom Holland’s Spider-Man going to return to the Marvel Cinematic Universe? These are the three ways that could be considered.

The Return of Tom Holland’s Spider-Man Is Still a Big Talking Point. many lovers of Marvel Studios They keep wondering what is going to happen to the Spiderman after no way home. There are many questions in the air. However, rumors and theorizing about possible ways of making the character and the actor, belonging to Sony Pictures Entertainmentreturn to the MCU in the next Phase 5 and Phase 6. Here are the three possible ones!

1) A new agreement between Sony and Disney… But in short!

After what happened in 2019, There Is A Genuine Chance Tom Holland Won’t Return As Spider-Man In The MCU. However, studio president and CEO Kevin Feige offered some encouraging words while he was being interviewed about No Way Home.

Kevin Feige hinted at the beginning of the development of the next stage of Tom Holland’s Spider-Man story during an interview with the New York Times back in December 2021. “We’re actively starting to develop where the story is going next, which I’m only saying outright because I don’t want fans to go through any separation trauma like what happened. after Far From Home. That won’t happen this time.”

2) Another agreement with Tom Holland, but in the long term

The return of Tom Holland as Spider-Man
Marvel Studios

It’s already been rumored that a deal between Sony and Disney regarding Tom Holland’s Spider-Man would center around another trilogy of solo films. Tying Holland up as Peter Parker for the foreseeable future is certainly a wise idea.. The actor is only 26 years old, and his first trilogy only focused on Peter Parker’s experience in high school, which leaves a lot of room for future stories.

3) The complete transfer of rights to Spider-Man

A radical new deal could be on the cards between the two studios. As Sony continues to develop its standalone universe with Morbius, Venom and Madame Web, the study may decide to take a more independent approach. While this proposed deal wouldn’t return the rights to Disney (as many fans would like), it would temporarily grant Marvel Studios exclusive rights to use Tom Holland’s Spider-Man and the characters surrounding him.

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3 Ways To Bring Back Tom Holland’s Spider-Man