3 NETFLIX movies about the END OF THE WORLD that will make you feel like the APOCALYPSE is near

Netflix se ha consolidated as the streaming platform that currently produces the most original content, and in this sense, the platform usually works to get the best productions.

It is worth mentioning that the stakes of this platform have increased since the crisis arrived sanitary, which caused an extensive confinement of the persons in their homes, with which the consumption of content has increased considerably.

In this sense, the titles offered Netflix They have undoubtedly changed the way of consuming series and movies, in this sense, the success has been so much that even this platform has managed to revive productions that they passed unnoticed after having been released in cinema or in TV.

The content that you should not miss within the streaming giant

Under this panorama, Netflix has established itself as one of the platforms with the highest demand by users globally, thanks to the fact that it is committed to constantly renewing its productions and make content made by their own production company.

But nevertheless, the giant of streaming red logo It also does what is necessary to buy the right to certain films that it considers essential in its catalog, so now it has a new one film that will flood you with reflection and strong emotions.

Movies about the end of the world on Netflix

It’s about “2012”, a film that narrates a series of natural catastrophes that threaten humanity and despite the fact that the protagonists of this film have different planes for your life, for example the education of your children or your jobs, the truth is that nature has no mercy and will not leave any stone in your place.

This is a tape that had a 200 million budget for its realization, this being one of the highest on the Netflix platform, in addition, it should be noted that this is a spectacular production full of effects specials and animation that will make the viewer pour strong emotions, because according to international critics, it is one of the best films about the end of the world.

This film corresponds to a gender American post-apocalyptic and was released in 2018 on Netflix. Starring Theo James, Forest Whitaker, Grace Dove, Kat Graham, and Mark O’Brien, this film focuses on the story of a marriage young waiting for her first child.

After a series of events that involve the cancellation of all flights at the airport and preliminary reports on an earthquake that has disrupted electricity and telecommunications, the hero decides to undertake a dangerous journey by land to get to where his family.

The movie is developed in a futuristic world, where a wave of hurricanes, floods and droughts hit the earth.

This because the resources are being depleted, the soil is being exploding and global warming is severely damaging our planet’s ecosystems.

Under this panorama and with intention To control the climate, excellent scientists from 17 countries create a network of satellites to give an ideal order to the climatic effects on the earth.

However, shortly after this great invention for humanity, the system begins to fail and there will be only one man who can stop it and who is willing to avoid the cataclysm on earth even if it costs him his life.


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3 NETFLIX movies about the END OF THE WORLD that will make you feel like the APOCALYPSE is near