3 Korean Horror Dramas About Vampires To Watch During Halloween Season

What horror dramas to watch in October? One of the favorite times of the year has already begun, the month of Halloween is perfect to enjoy a marathon of horror series and movies on Netflix, YouTube, Viki, Disney Plus, HBO Max, among other streaming services.

With the phenomenon of “Squid Game”, Korean entertainment has caught the attention of fans and strangers looking for the best productions to enjoy from home.

Before this series of Netflix, South Korea produced different stories of the horror genre, such as “Train to Busan”, “#LIVE”, “Sweet Home” and “Kingdom”, which you can watch on the platform today.

If you are looking for other alternatives to enjoy on Halloween, check the recommendations of these vampire series that combine suspense, mystery and romance.

Horror and vampire dramas

Dorama de terror that follows the life of Baek Ma Ri, a girl vampire who tries to be different, because he wants to stop consuming human blood, he also hides his nature so he constantly changes.

When he arrives at his new school he meets Jung Jae Min, a popular student and the top of his class. The boy hates vampires, but she will be drawn to the scent of their blood and fight to avoid it. Everything worsens with the arrival of a friend from her childhood, a creature just like her.

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Korean drama made by Goo Hye Sun, the plot follows Park Ji Sang, a surgeon who is also a vampire. He works alongside Dr. Yoo Ri Ta, a woman who is the heir and niece of the hospital president. The protagonist sometimes has a very bad time, because in a place like that he must control his thirst for blood and must avoid saving patients with his skills.

Drama web that follows the life of Louis, a boy vampire who is in search of a legendary flower hidden in the human world. In his search, he meets Seo Yeong, a young student who helps him find her, but it seems that their encounter is more than a fluke.

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