22 Super Crazy Facts From The Harry Potter Movies

From makeshift lines and stolen props to cool and subtle costume details.


Tom Felton used to hide candies and snacks in the pockets of his tunic, and when they discovered him, they sewed the bags

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“Rumor has it that they sewed the robes bags after the third movie because I was sneaking food and drinks to the set,” said at a fan convention in 2014. “I want to clear it up because it’s absolutely true.”

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Before Richard Harris died, told director Christopher Columbus that if he gave him the role again, he would kill him.

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“He threatened to kill me if I had to play Dumbledore again; I can’t even repeat what he told me,” revealed Columbus just before Harris’s death was announced.

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The train used to film the Hogwarts Express scenes was vandalized between filming Chamber of secrets and The prisoner of Azkaban.

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The vandals caused damage worth 3000 pounds when they attacked the train cars with green and silver spray paint overnight.



Malfoy’s phrase: “I didn’t know you could read” it was improvised by director Chris Columbus. Tom Felton said it was one of his favorite moments in the series.

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Many people believe that Tom improvised the phrase because he forgot his line, but he does not.



The door to the Chamber of Secrets is not CGI: it is fully mechanical, and it still works to this day.

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You can see a video of the door working wonders at the Warner Bros Studio Tour in London here. Unfortunately, it does not move for any visitor: its mechanics are delicate, so seeing it move is very rare.



Harry’s wand changes between the second and third movies.

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According Pottermore, the wand design “evolved throughout the movies.” Before starting the filming of The prisoner of Azkaban, director Alfonso Cuarón offered the actors a selection of new wands to choose from. Daniel Radcliffe chose Harry’s famous wand carved in the shape of a tree trunk, which artistic director Hattie Storey called “the most mysterious and magical”.



And Daniel Radcliffe used about 80 wands during filming, because he kept breaking or wearing them.


On average, the props team had to make six wands for each character, but they ended up making about 80 wands for Dan, because he used them to drum on various surfaces and fiddled with them to get the paint off. Being fair, it felt pretty bad when he found out.



A J.K. Rowling He was offered the role of Lily Potter in the flashbacks of the first film, but turned it down.


The puppets used to create the Dementors were filmed underwater and then animated to produce the haunting floating effect seen in movies.

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The filmmakers wanted the Dementors to be a practical effect (that is, not computer-animated), but realized that it would be impossible to control the movement of the Dementors underwater. They used footage from the underwater tests as a reference for the CGI-animated Dementors we see in the movies.



Emma Watson had a hamster on set during the filming of the first movie, but he died, so the prop department made a small coffin his size to bury him.

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The coffin was mahogany and lined with velvet, and that hamster is probably very popular in hamster heaven.



Ralph Fiennes originally wore tights under her Voldemort robe, but the bellows slid down and made it difficult for her to walk, so she wore stockings and garters in the end.

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“If the stunt team gets too ‘macho’, I would ‘tease’ them with my thighs”, said at an event in 2011.



Harry doesn’t throw not a single spell during the first movie.

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He does magic without his wand, like when he vanishes the crystal at the zoo, and some magical things happen when he has the wand in his hand, like at Ollivander’s house, but he never actually manages to cast a spell by saying the incantation out loud.



The actress who played Myrtle was actually 36 years old at the time of filming. Chamber of secrets.

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“She’s a multifaceted character; she has a lot of mood swings and emotions on the surface,” Shirley Henderson, who plays Myrtle, said. the Telegraph. “Maybe that’s why they chose an adult over a 14-year-old.”



The actor who plays the young Voldemort in The half-blood prince –Hero Fiennes-Tiffin– es the nephew by Ralph Fiennes, who plays the adult Voldemort.

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But it wasn’t his family ties that landed him the role, according to director David Yates.

“It was a bonus that he looked a lot like Ralph … but I went for Hero mainly because of that wonderful haunted quality that seemed to bring Tom Riddle to life on screen,” said Yates a USA Today en 2008.



Daniel Radcliffe not only had an allergic reaction to green contact lenses, but he also had an allergic reaction to green contact lenses. original glasses they used for Harry.

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“I got terrible stains after a week”, said in a conversation with JK Rowling. “In the end we found out that he was actually allergic to Harry Potter glasses, because he had two rings of white dots around his eyes.”



Katie Leung, who played Cho Chang, I listened to Coldplay in her dressing room to make it easier for her to cry in scenes.


Dolores Umbridge’s outfits are light pink at the beginning of The order of the Phoenix, but they become darker and brighter as the movies go on, because she gets more hysterical.

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“I started with a lighter pink, and then as the movie unfolded, the roses got more and more intense because she was getting more and more hysterical.” said costume designer Jany Temime.

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Give me maggie smith i was fighting breast cancer during the filming of The half-blood prince.

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Although she was undergoing chemotherapy at the time, she didn’t let that stop her from playing Professor McGonagall.

“I had no hair. I had no problem putting on the wig. It was like a boiled egg,” told the Times in 2009. “The last two years have been a disaster, although now I begin to feel like a person. My energy is returning. No way, they are things that happen. I must begin to compose myself.”



Emma Watson messaged Helena Bonham-Carter with tips to set up the scene where Hermione transforms into Bellatrix to infiltrate Gringotts.

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“It is a really interesting way of working, because suddenly you realize your gestures, of which I am not really aware”, said Emma about helping Helena prepare for the scene. “Seeing Helena playing me was weird. She’s amazing.”



It took 95 tomas to film a shot of the Seven Potters at the beginning of The Deathly Hallows Part 1.

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Although it cost Daniel Radcliffe about 12 takes doing the gestures of each character, she played Hermione perfectly on her first try.



Emma Watson ran to Rupert Grint of the set during the scene where the Horcrux Harry kisses the Horcrux Hermione, because she kept laughing.

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“When they were filming that kiss, they wanted me to be there to perform something, but I found it very funny. Emma ran me because I couldn’t stop laughing. It looked very strange,” said Rupert.



When the movies ended, Daniel Radcliffe I take Harry’s first and last pair of glasses, Rupert Grint took away the Deluminator and the house number 4 on Privet Drive, and Emma Watson took away a wand, a cape, and the Time Turner.

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Rupert too revealed that he tried to take a golden egg from the set in the fourth film, but it was caught and he had to return it.


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