2021 box office was 101% higher than in 2020 but 60% lower than in 2019 | Tomatazos

The last couple of years have been difficult for the film industry. Their numbers are not as similar to those of 2019 and previous, however, in 2021 we observe an increase in the box office that has definitely made Hollywood’s most ambitious producers happy. Through new data shared by The Hollywood Reporter Last year’s ticket sales are reported to have far exceeded those of 2020, however they fell short of those of 2019, when the pandemic was still not settling in the world.

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This 2021 we had completely spectacular premieres such as Spider-Man: No Way Home – 92% The No time to die – Loki new TV spot drives fans crazy Tomatazos83%, tape that grossed US $ 1.2 billion and US $ 774 million, respectively globally. This year was much better for the big Hollywood releases and we will surely see more revenue for the titles of the future. The pandemic gives way little by little (at a slower pace than we would like) and sooner or later the time will come when movie theaters will be filled with the confidence of before.

Now, the information from The Hollywood Reporter argues that in 2021 US $ 4.5 billion were achieved at the local box office in Hollywood, that is, the United States and Canada. This large number is 101% above that observed in 2020, the center year of the pandemic, but 60% below the US $ 11.4 billion reached in 2019. The truth is that this year’s gains are encouraging and they promise a better outlook for tomorrow. The Hollywood of the years to come will offer so much more and fill your pockets as it has so often in the past.

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2020 was a tragic year for big Hollywood studios, who saw their revenues dwindle due to the coronavirus pandemic. Although the disease is still raging in some parts of the world, there is already a big change in the climate of the American film industry. By 2021 an improvement has been seen and 2022 promises to be even better.

With the arrival of the global health crisis, not all the companies dedicated to the exhibition of films felt confident in standing firm, some were forced to close before expenses. Only in Mexico the box office was reduced by 95%, leaving the top exponents of the business, Cinépolis and Cinemex, in really unfortunate positions; Not to mention the smaller rooms. Meanwhile, the streaming business saw 37% growth and home premieres became essential.

When the closure of movie complexes was announced in March of last year, Hollywood studios saw streaming as the ideal alternative to share their premieres with audiences around the world. Disney, Warner, Amazon, Netflix and many more, proudly announced the launch of new titles that became a global trend in social networks, however, they looked at the rooms wanting to return, because that is where the best numbers of the industry.

What would Hollywood have become in the pandemic without streaming services? The most powerful studios in the American film industry are still in a battle for consumer preference, yet they both use very different strategies to get the public’s attention. Each company has its series and star films, specially prepared to attract the attention of the public at certain times; the end of the year will be full of premieres that will represent a voracious competition for the participants, the consumer only has to choose what he likes the most.

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2021 box office was 101% higher than in 2020 but 60% lower than in 2019 | Tomatazos