17 Movies and TV Shows That Practically Forgot How Getting Old Works

Hmm, it shouldn’t be so confusing.


Wendy ages very slowly in the movies of Peter Pan.


Peter Pan 2: Return to Never Land occurs during World War II. But the first Peter Pan It happens in 1900. If we say that Wendy is about 12 years old in the first movie, then in 1939, when World War II started, she would be over fifty. But he appears to be in his thirties and his children are less than 10 years old.


And Beast also seems to get old sooo slow in Beauty and the Beast.


Lumière says they have been objects for 10 years, but in the prologue, the narrator says that the rose blooms until Beast’s 21st birthday. So is he 11 when the curse begins? I think we can assume not, since he doesn’t look like 11 years old in the “before” photo. But he doesn’t look 10 years older in the “after” photo either! What will be the truth?


Forrest does not seem to change in Forrest Gump, even though her mother and Jenny do get old.

Paramount Pictures

You could say it’s just because they didn’t want to change actors, but they didn’t change actresses with Jenny from teenager to adult, or with her mother. They just made the characters look older. However, Forrest doesn’t seem to age from 16 onwards.


Lily Collins said Emily must be about 22 years old in Emily in Paris, which means that A) was only 9 years old when he started Gossip Girl, her and her friends’ “favorite show”, and B) somehow skipped years of work experience to get the job she had.


Love it Gossip Girl, but I don’t know which parent would allow their 9 year old to see it. Another cast member He said that Emily was actually 24, but she still looks too young for her position / obsession with Gossip Girl.


Belle went from being 5 to 15 in just one year in Days of Our Lives.


PT’s daughters don’t seem to age at all in The great Showman.


On Revenge, Sammy, a puppy, is delivered to a 9-year-old girl, Emily. But jack yet He has it, almost 20 years later, and he appears to be in perfect health!


It’s technically possible, but Sammy doesn’t look that old.


Also in Friends: Joey cumple 31 before that Rachel turns 30, although it was established early on that Joey is the youngest of the group.


According Insider, Joey says that she is 25 in season 1, after Monica has said that she and Rachel are 26. However, in a later season, Rachel mentions that she is 31, which happens before we see the episode of her 30th birthday.


Dumbledore looks decades older than Jude Law’s version in a flashback of Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince.

Dumbledore visits Tom Riddle’s orphanage in 1937, just 10 years after the events of the second movie of Fantastic animals, where he is interpreted by Jude Law. As you can see above, it seems like “something” has passed over ten years.


Obi-Wan Kenobi goes from being a young man in his thirties to an old man in 19 years in Star Wars.

20th Century Fox

Luke is 19 years old in Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope.. We saw Obi-Wan deliver in the third prequel, so the photos above must be 19 years apart. However, Ewan McGregor was only 34 when it was released. Episode III and Obi-Wan looks to be in his sixties or seventies (he’s got the White hair, people in Episode IV.


Howard Stark barely seems to age in nearly 30 years in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.


Barring the change of actors, Howard Stark does not seem to age much between 1942 (during Captain America: The First Avenger) and 1970 (during Avengers: Endgame, when Tony and Steve go back in time).


And neither does Peggy Carter, since there is a slight difference between her in Captain America: The First Avenger and in the scene of time travel in Avengers: Endgame.


You can’t get a good look out the window, but from the looks of it, it hardly looks older than it was in 1942.


On The Miserables, Cosette is only a girl in 1823, but nine years later she is a true adult.

Universal Pictures

Cosette appears to be about six or seven years old when Valjean rescues her, but nine years later she is clearly an adult and not a teenager (Seyfried was 27 at the time). Maybe it was just a casting mistake, but it seemed to have grown a lot in less than a decade.


On Harry Potter, James and Lily appear to be middle-aged every time we see them (such as in the Mirror of Erised, in the picture book Hagrid gives Harry, and in the Forbidden Forest), despite having died at age 21. .

Warner Bros. Pictures

I think everyone forgets how young Lily and James were. Even the Sirius and Lupine actors were much older than they should have been: Sirius and Lupine should have been 34 years old in the third movie.


And Snape, Lupine, and Sirius are too old to have gone to school with Lily and James.

Warner Brothers / courtesy Everett Collection

Gary Oldman was 46, David Thewlis 41, and Alan Rickman 57. Their characters should have been in their early thirties.


Almost directly after Jo and Alaric’s twins are born in The Vampire Diaries, there is a time jump of three years. However, after the timeskip, the twins appear to be at least six years old.

The CW

The actors who play them were at least six years old.


And finally, Kaitlin Cooper disappears completely in the first season of The O.C., only to return in season 3, much older.


Only one year passes in the program.

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