14 Famous toys that jumped out of the drawer to come to life on movie screens

Big production companies have always looked for innovative ideas in the most unusual places to make new feature films. The intention is to hook a lot of viewers and thus ensure that the film is a great success at the box office. Over the years, the sources of inspiration have been very diverse and have included novels, stories and songs; but even the toys have come out of the drawer to become the protagonists of famous movies.

In Bright Side We have recounted those times when filmmakers relied on their childhood toys or those of their children to make great movies taking advantage of nostalgia.


Greta Gerwig, the director who surprised by adapting in 2019 the classic story of little womenis in charge of making the flesh and blood film of Barbie. Although there were many rumors about who could play the classic doll, in the end the choice fell on Margot Robbie; she will be the doll in a live version for the film that will be released in 2023.

2. Ken

Ryan Gosling was chosen to play Ken, Barbie’s partner, in the upcoming movie. While there aren’t many plot details yet, director Greta Gerwig isn’t I had another actor in mind to play this character. And from what we can see in the first images, he was born to play that role.


transformers is a line of toys that was born in 1984 with great success. After releasing the robots that transformed into cars and planes, the company created animated TV series and movies of the characters, but it wasn’t until 2007 that action director Michael Bay was commissioned to make a movie featuring the full-size robots. natural. The saga had a great success and 5 films were made in total.

4. He-man

In 1976, Mattel refused to pay $750,000 for the license to starwars, so the company commissioned designer Roger Sweet to create characters that would be able to compete with the nascent George Lucas franchise. This is how it came about he-man, a character that was very successful for the company, from which a popular television series and several animated films were made. In 1987 the film with actors was produced, and Dolph Lundgren was responsible for bringing the character to life. In 2021 Netflix released a continuation of the animated adventures of The masters of the universe.

5. warship

warship either Naval battle is a strategy game that became popular in the 1930s and was played by drawing the ships on a grid and giving the coordinates to attack the enemy. Then it evolved and became a board game that has not lost its validity since then. In 2012 Universal Pictures made an adaptation directed by Peter Berg in which the battle was against alien ships, and that gave the game another boost.


In 1949, the Swedish company responsible for Lego began to manufacture its game of interconnecting blocks that had great success worldwide. Over the years, hundreds of game sets of different themes have been made, as well as series and movies. In 2014, a movie that placed the classic characters in the real world, and they lived in the basement of the Mr. Business, played by Will Ferrell. Its success was such that later the company released new tapes mixing more characters, such as lego-batman in 2017.

7. clue

In 1943 designer Anthony E. Pratt designed the board game Cluedo, which consists of investigating which of the other contestants is responsible for a crime through a series of clues and assumptions. Since that date, multiple books and games have been made based on this idea. In 1985 a film was made that in its DVD version had several endings.

8. G.I. Joe

In 1964, the Hasbro company began manufacturing toy soldiers to compete with other companies that were dominating the market; Massively publicized and supported by an animated series, GI Joe became a bestseller and collector’s favorite. Several animated films and one live-action film have been made in 1987. In 2009 a new series of feature films was started and even a film based on one of the antagonistic characters, known as Snake Eyes.

9. Mars Attacks!

In 1996 the talented director Tim Burton presented Martians to attack!, a film based on a series of trading cards that were sold in 1962; there the story of an alien invasion of Earth was told. These cards were sold accompanied by a chewing gum, as was common at that time.


In 2012, director/actor Seth MacFarlane imagined what would happen if the famous Teddy bear came to life on film. ted. Considering that the original doll began to be sold in 1902, Seth imagined the adult doll, foul-mouthed and frustrated. The film was a great success for its adult touch and spawned a sequel and others that are in the works.

eleven. Bumblebee

The movies of transformers They were very successful at the time of their release, but the critics always criticized them for their lack of emotion and for being a spectacle of special effects. In 2018, a film was released that focused solely on the character of Bumblebee; the production was acclaimed for recovering the nostalgia and making it more emotional by introducing us to the friendly Volkswagen, who is adopted by a young girl.

12. monster High

In 2010 Mattel launched a line of dolls named monster High, a franchise whose characters were inspired by movie monsters, sci-fi monsters, and various other creatures. At the end of 2016, a reboot of the line. The reason was the termination of the contract of the creator Garrett Sanders with the company Mattel. In 2022 a movie with the characters in the flesh will be released.

13.Max Steel

In 1999 Mattel, trying to emulate the success of GI Joe, launched a line of toys accompanied by an animated TV series called MaxSteel; both the toy line and the TV series were very successful. In 2016, a movie of real action with a focus more for older children that had a very good reception in this sector.

14. Bratz

Bratz dolls were launched by MGA in 2001 and were an immediate hit with girls, selling millions in their first few years. In 2007 a movie which tried to reproduce the spirit of the dolls, but was not very well received by critics or fans.

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14 Famous toys that jumped out of the drawer to come to life on movie screens