12 movies to watch on a rainy day

To bad weather, good face. Or so they say at least. The best way to cope with these rainy days is to enjoy some of the great movies, which featured iconic moments related to rainfall and even some human and sentimental catastrophes.

Next, 10 movies to watch on a rainy day that are available on streaming services:

Rainy day in New York

Where to see it: Netflix and HBOMax

The film of Woody Allen takes us to the city of skyscrapers, on a day that is not very fateful for its passers-by. A day that, fortunately, will improve with the presence of actors such as Timothée Chalamet, Elle Fanning, Selena Gomez, Jude Law or Diego Luna. Ideal for lovers of romantic comedy.

Singing under the rain

Where to see it: HBO Max and Movistar+

The quintessential classic for a rainy day. Gene Kelly co-directed- together with the filmmaker Stanley Donen– and starred in this fun musical, which in 1952 gave us some of the best sequences under the rain. Unforgettable Kelly’s little dance, accompanied by the melody of Singing In The Rain.


Where to see it: hbo max

The battle between bladerunner and the replicants it also offered us wonderful moments under a downpour. dutch actor Rutger Hauer starred in one of the most remembered dialogues in the history of cinema, which would not have been the same if Ridley Scott I would have moved the scene to a sunny day.

The bridges of Madison

Where to see it: HBO and Movistar+

We declare ourselves fans of forbidden love in the cinema. The relationship between Francesca (meryl streep) and Robert (Clint Eastwood) finds its climax in one of the final scenes, as the sky seems to fall on them. The film directed by Eastwood himself always provokes our own river of tears.

hell under water

Where to see it: Amazon Prime Video

We never thought that hurricanes in Florida would pit its inhabitants against alligators in the area. The film of Alexander Aja, director of The Hills Have Eyes Y reflections, showed us the most dangerous effects of rain in our homes. You’ll never look at your basement (or garage) the same way again.

The Wizard of Oz

Where to see it: hbo max

Not all adverse weather effects were going to translate into major environmental disasters. The life of Dorothy (judy garland) went from gray to colorful as he landed in the world of Oz, after a hurricane turned his home upside down. The sweetest version of a rainy day.

The time with you

Where to see it: for rent on Rakuten TV and Amazon

Anime lovers can also enjoy one of the most moving weather stories in recent years. The film of Makoto Shinkai (Your Name) presents a young woman with the gift of manipulating the weather at will, a perfect power for days when the clouds completely cover the sun.

Under the rain

Where to see it: filmin

In 1932, the filmmaker Lewis Milestone proved to be ahead of its time, with a story in which a prostitute (a formidable Joan Crawford) was confronted by a missionary who harassed him. A story in which a strange epidemic forced them to end up landing on an island, while time did not stop doing its thing. A perfect film for those nostalgic for black and white.

Joan Crawford in ‘In the Rain’

black sky

Where to see it: FlixOlé

Probably the film Manuel Mur Oti It has one of the most incredible rain sequences in Spanish cinema. In it, a huge Susana Canals runs in the rain, while the bells of the Church do not stop ringing. The sky is thus covered with clouds in the story of the modest employee of the fashion house Emilia, who faces the accusations of the clients and a complicated love.

The art of living in the rain

Where to see it: Disney+

Based on the homonymous novel by Garth Stein, The art of living in the rain is a demented tale of the lessons a dog has learned from his owner Denny (Milo Ventimiglia), a racing driver. Amanda Seyfried, Kevin Costner and Kathy Baker complete the cast of this film, in which the rain becomes one more protagonist of the plot.

Noa’s diary

Where to see it: Amazon Prime Video and HBO Max

One of the sweetest sequences on the big screen came from the hand of the film by Nick Cassavetes, that he did not teach that a boat ride and a rainy day can be cinematographic elements of a great romanticism. Thus, Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams we fell in love with the adaptation of the novel by Nicholas Sparks, which always becomes one of the best options to revisit on days of bad weather.

Elevator for the gallows

Where to see it: Amazon Prime Video, Filmin, Movistar+ and Plex

In 1957, the Nouvelle Vague found an Elevator for the Scaffold among its great jewels, under the direction of the Gaul louis malle. The actress Jeanne Moreau she wandered in the rain of Paris, accompanied by the trumpets and in search of her missing lover. The magnetism of the images speak for themselves. A thriller to which it is necessary to return again and again.

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12 movies to watch on a rainy day