12 incredible classic cinema movies that you can watch for free here

The classics never go out of style and their stories are timeless. Surely you have ever searched the internet for that “movies you have to see once in a lifetime” or “the movies you have to see before you die”. In RTVE Play, we want to help you in this cinephile diving task. From international classics to national cinema jewels. Here we collect some of the most acclaimed films in our catalog.

In RTVE Play You have a wide catalog to watch movies of all kinds, free and in streaming So prepare the popcorn because we promise you hours of entertainment, culture and fun! In our selection, we have included Spanish, international and different genre films.

The dead had a price (1965)

Clint Eastwood stars in ‘Death Had a Price’. tve

Colonel Mortimer and El manco, two bounty hunters, fight for the same piece: The Indian and his band of outlaws. Faced with the difficulty of doing it alone, they decide to unite and form a society, “without tricks” at 50%. To carry out the capture, the colonel, who is expecting an upcoming assault on the El Paso bank, proposes a plan to El manco, who accepts, not very convinced, to infiltrate the gang by freeing a friend of El indio, imprisoned in the Álamo Gordo prison. See here. Available until August 1, 2023.

Cousin Angelica (1974)

One of Carlos Saura’s most acclaimed films. Years later, Luis returned to Segovia bringing the remains of his mother from Barcelona to bury them in the family vault. He spent the summers there, at the house of his aunt Pilar and his cousin Angélica. The civil war kept Luis in Segovia, far from his parents, and his coexistence with Angélica aroused his first feelings of love. The man evokes those days and returns to his childhood with a cousin Angelica who is married and the mother of a daughter. See here. Available until July 10, 2023.

José Luis López Vázquez and Lina Canalejas in ‘La cousin Angélica’ (1974)

Johnny Guitar (1952)

Starring Joan Crawford, it is the adaptation of a novel of the same name. Johnny Logan, on his way to the saloon that Vienna runs on the outskirts of the city, witnesses a stagecoach holdup in which the owner of the local bank is killed. This unleashes tensions and the hidden interests of the townspeople: Emma, ​​sister of the murdered banker, accuses the kid and his gang of assault, who live by exploiting a hidden silver mine in the mountains. See here. Available until February 28, 2025.

Joan Crawford in ‘Johnny Guitar’

The cabin (1972)

La cabina is a Spanish medium-length film directed by Antonio Mercero. It was broadcast for the first time on December 13, 1972 on Spanish Television. He won an International Emmy Award for best telefilm and a Fotogramas de Plata for best television performer for José Luis López Vázquez in 1973. The story presents us with an ordinary citizen who is trapped in a telephone booth. Despite the help attempts of bystanders, he cannot be freed. See here.

The Cabin (1972)

alone in the face of danger (1952)

Will Kane, the sheriff of the small town of Hadleyville, has just married Amy. The newlyweds plan to move to the city and open a small business; But suddenly, news spreads through town that Frank Miller, a criminal Kane had caught and brought to justice, has been released from jail and is coming to town on the midday train for revenge. Time is passing slowly, but no one in town is willing to help the sheriff. Just married and about to leave his small town to start a new life, Sheriff Will Kane must make a big decision: leave before noon or wait for the arrival of the criminal who announces his arrival to take revenge on him… See here. Available until September 14, 2023.

‘Alone in the face of danger’ (1952) in Classic Film Days

Two mules and a woman (1970)

Clint Eastwood and Shirley Maclaine are an unlikely but determined couple in this western directed by Don Siegal. In 19th century Mexico, an American mercenary rescues a nun when she was going to be attacked. This unforeseen event will be lucky for the American, since the nun has information about the fort he plans to attack. Things get complicated when he discovers that the nun is not such. See here. Available until July 14, 2023.

‘Two mules and a woman’, the only time Clint Eastwood and Shirley McClaine worked together ‘Two Mules and a Woman’, with Clint Eastwood and Shirley McClaine

Beehive (1982), Mario Camus

Adaptation of the homonymous novel by Camilo Jose Cela. Winner of the Golden Bear at the Berlinale. A story that brings together 60 characters that we see living inside and outside the café, in the houses and streets of the city. People, the vast majority fighting for their survival. Behind them, as a background, the urban landscape of post-war Madrid. See here. Available until September 1, 2023.

The Hive (1982)

heist at three (1962), José María Forqué

Alfredo Landa’s debut on the big screen and one of the funniest classics in Spanish cinema. Don Felipe, the kind director of a small bank branch, has been dismissed for his generosity in granting credit. The substitute is hypocritical, flattering with those above and tyrant with those below. The six employees meet to say goodbye to Don Felipe and at that moment the cashier Galindo makes them a surprising proposition: to rob his own bank. At first they take him for crazy; but one by one, the other five change their minds. Galindo will be able to carry out his plan. See here. Available until August 31, 2023.

José Luis López Vázquez in ‘Robbery at three’

The tower of the hunchbacks (1944)

Is one of the great classics of the fantastic horror genre and one of the first Spanish cult films that you can now find on the platform. In the traditional Madrid of the late 19th century, the enigmatic ghost of Doctor Mantua reveals to young Basilio the existence of an underground city inhabited by dozens of sinister hunchbacks dedicated to criminal activities. Basilio manages to find the tower of the seven hunchbacks, inside which Inés, the late doctor’s niece, remains kidnapped and hypnotized. See here. Available until January 1, 2024.

Still from ‘The Tower of the Hunchbacks’

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12 incredible classic cinema movies that you can watch for free here