11 must-see films for this weekend (19-21 November): ‘Last Night in Soho’, ‘Dirty Harry’, ‘Time’ and more

There is very little left to start the weekend of November 19 to 21 and in Espinof we will not miss our appointment with the most outstanding cinema that you can see these days. As usual, it includes movie premieres, streaming news, physical format launches and titles that can be seen on a nationwide Spanish television channel. There are 11 chosen this time and we are already with them.

In theaters

‘Last Night in Soho’ (‘Last Night in Soho’)

Edgar Wright transports us to London during the 60s in a film that proposes a stimulating game of mirrors between the characters played by Thomasin McKenzie and Anya Taylor-Joy, drinking for it from many sources but shaping them to your liking. Too bad that the end is not up to the rest.

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A biopic that focuses on a very specific moment in the life of Diana Spencer to explore how she was losing herself within the rigid life of the royal family. Pablo Larrain shows again here how well he moves in this type of stories, while Kristen Stewart offers an unappealable interpretation.

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In streaming

‘Tick, tick… ¡Boom!’

The big screen directorial debut of Lin-Manuel Miranda is a remarkable musical for Netflix Based on the theatrical original by Jonathan Larson. It accurately explores the magic and frustration behind the artistic creation process without neglecting other issues. Of course, the best of the function is the magnificent interpretation of Andrew Garfield.

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In physical format

‘The Forever Purge’

The franchise had reached a point where it was repetitive, but here it gives a twist to this universe with a resounding film that escapes all subtlety in the social criticism it makes but with an energetic staging and a convincing work of its cast.

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‘Time’ (‘Old’)

Shyamalan returned to put the restlessness in the body with this adaptation of the comic of Frederik Peeters and Pierre Oscar Lévy that played with a most succulent premise. Supported by a good cast, the final result suffered from some unnatural dialogues, but there is something about the sadness that the film oozes that allows it to overcome the details that do not quite fit together.

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‘The Holy Innocents’

The Holy Innocents

An indisputable classic of Spanish cinema that is finally being published in high definition in our country in a book-format edition and several additional content. Mario camus adapt here the novel of Miguel Delibes to offer a merciless X-ray of the Spain of the caciques during the Franco regime. Attention above all to the interpretations of Paco Rabal and Alfredo Landa.

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in TV

‘Dirty Harry’ (‘Dirty Harry’)


An indisputable classic of detective cinema with which Clint Eastwood he built one of his most mythical characters, a man with his own rules when it comes to enforcing the law. Attention also to the great work of Don Siegel behind the scenes to shape a top-notch thriller.

Early morning from Friday to Saturday at 0:00 at 1

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‘Blue Hell’ (‘The Shallows’)

Blue Hell

A very effective horror hobby, since Spanish Jaume Collet-Serra knows how to handle tension with great talent, even when the script has some element that could have been ridiculous, while Blake Lively supports dramatic weight very well. Of course, it lowers some level in its final section.

Saturday at 3:45 p.m. on laSexta

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‘Die Hard’

Crystal jungle

One of the best action movies ever made. With a Bruce Willis squeezing thoroughly that charisma that lately seems to have abandoned him, a solid script and an impeccable work of John McTiernan both when it comes to enhancing the show when you have to pay attention to making sure everything fits. Great too Alan Rickman as the great villain of the function.

Saturday at 5:30 p.m. at Neox

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‘Signs of the future’ (‘Knowing’)

Schnals of the Future

A sci-fi movie that got too many sticks at the time of its release. It is true that it aspires to more than it is capable of achieving, but it is a thriller that knows how to maintain tension and gradually increase its apocalyptic component. What’s more, Nicolas Cage y Rose Byrne They meet with solvency at the head of the distribution.

Saturday at 22:00 at Neox

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‘El curioso caso de Benjamin Button’ (‘The Curious Case of Benjamin Button’)

Benjamin Button

It might disappoint those looking for a movie with David Fincher showing his most daring face, but here a dazzling fable with an impeccable staging work that knows how to take advantage of the virtues of an efficient script but below his direction.

Sunday at 23:45 at 1

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11 must-see films for this weekend (19-21 November): ‘Last Night in Soho’, ‘Dirty Harry’, ‘Time’ and more