Zuckerberg’s massive layoffs in Meta set off alarm bells in Talavera

People read the news and get nervous. The seven evils enter us. Alarms sound, even if the noise is unfounded. that has it This week we are eating our neurons with the big spectacle of massive cuts and layoffs that has unleashed, like an implacable hurricane, the founder and CEO of Meta, the almighty mark zuckerberg, whose head no one knows how he thinks but whose actions unleash storms throughout the world like the simple flight of a butterfly on this side of life. The newspapers tell us about multimillion-dollar losses, eleven thousand layoffs, advertising and income slumps, and the “resizing” (dangerous word) of a gigantic multinational that only this year has lost seven percent of its value.

The macro figures make us dizzy and scare us, but above all, in our small territory, we are concerned about “what about us”, that is, the Data Center megaproject that Meta has agreed to build in Talavera and that he presented months ago to the Government of Castilla-La Mancha with spectacular expectations: more than billion euros of investment to build a colossal technological complex that would be the fourth of its kind in Europe and that would create around thousand jobs during the execution of the work and another 250 highly qualified directly and stably from its commissioning. Formidable investment for a Talavera especially in need of large job-generating proposals and that has received with special enthusiasm, although always with skepticism, an initiative of these characteristics. What has never been seen in the city, just like the expectations it has provoked.

The question now is whether one day he will actually see it. The headlines of the major international media carry many doubts and leave the future up in the air. What will end up happening Both the Government of Emiliano Garcia-Page as the surroundings of the mayoress of Talavera, aunty garciaThey are voluntarists in optimism and trust with great faith, and some data, in the final execution of the work, but deep down they recognize that they do not know what could happen. They also seem to be anchored in fear. For now, sources consulted by our newspaper assure that everything is on and still runningand that the technical meetings of Meta with the Talavera City Council are taking place with “intensity, normality and periodicity”, without anything suggesting that the project is at risk of being paralyzed. Hopefully so, otherwise it would be a daunting disappointment in a city that has already had many in the last forty years. We look at the photo of Zuckerberg on the news and we start to tremble.

And there we are.

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Zuckerberg’s massive layoffs in Meta set off alarm bells in Talavera