Zuckerberg pulls Threads, his social network competition to Twitter

New York (EFE).- The technological giant Meta, owner of Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp, is preparing to launch a new social network called Threads, with which it intends to compete with Twitter, which has imposed new restrictions on its users.

As reported by the US press, Meta is expected to announce the launch of Threads next Thursday, which will allow digital conversations to be held in real time, but the application is already available in application stores such as the Play Store, in early access mode.

Mark Zuckerberg, the president of Meta, had been planning for a long time the launch of a social network for online conversations in real time that would compete with Twitter, a platform that, despite the ups and downs and restrictions it has suffered since its acquisition by part of South African billionaire Elon Musk, continues to seem irreplaceable.

Imposing daily limits on Twitter

Musk recently announced the imposition of daily limits on the number of posts users can read, causing anger among followers of the social network.

Twitter logo, in a file image. EFE/Sascha Steinbach

Since Musk bought Twitter last year, he imposed different formulas to make the company profitable -such as charging for verified accounts- that have turned out to be a fiasco, for which he was forced to return the “verified” status to important accounts (for example , media or “influencers” with legions of followers) without having paid for it.

It also changed the Twitter service by modifying the algorithm that decides which posts are most visible, removed content moderation rules that prohibit certain types of tweets, and overhauled the verification process that confirms users’ identities.

In principle, the Threads application will be connected to the Instagram platform, allowing users of that social network to follow the same users that they follow on the platform to share photos and videos, maintaining the same username.

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Zuckerberg pulls Threads, his social network competition to Twitter