Zuckerberg changes Facebook to look like TikTok and appeal to young people

Facebook has received a major facelift intended to make the platform an interesting site for the younger user again. The social network has announced the arrival of separation of the ‘feed’ into two tabs, that of ‘News‘ -which appears for the first time on the site- and that of ‘Start‘. In the first, the Internet user will be able to find exclusively the new publications of their friends, groups and the pages they follow; in the second, the content suggested by the platform appears.

For example, if the algorithm of the social network notices that you have a healthy lifestyle and that you go to the gym, in this tab you will find, among others, content related to physical exercise. All with the aim of keeping you entertained and, therefore, aware of the screen. As ABC has been able to verify, andThe change has already arrived to Spain through an update of Facebook for terminals iOS Y Android.

“The News tab will give you a way to further personalize and control your experience,” Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg said in a post on his official Facebook account.

Until now, the content shared by friends and groups was mixed with the publications suggested in the ‘feed’ of the social network; which now separates the wheat from the chaff in order for the user to have more freedom of action when you browse the platform, being able to better select the content you consume. Although prioritizing the publications suggested by the algorithm, which are highlighted in the first tab of the application.

This is what the ‘app’ looks like on iOS


Thanks to the arrival of this novelty, the social network manages to have an appearance closer to that of applications such as TikTok, the main competition of Zuckerberg’s conglomerate of ‘apps’, of which Instagram and WhatsApp are also part, to get the attention of users. Internet user’s eyes.

The technology company also continues to work on increasing the presence and relevance of its ‘reels‘, that kind of vertical videos that has achieved so much popularity in recent years and that drinks without qualms from the way of creating content in the Chinese ‘app’.

The obsession with TikTok

That Zuckerberg considers TikTok a mirror in which to look at himself, and a competitor to be reckoned with, has long been known. The executive himself recognized at the end of last year that this platform is “one of the most effective competitors” that he has faced throughout his career.

Last May it transpired that, in its attempt to compete against TikTok, Meta had hired the services of a consultant dedicated to working to place stories in local American media that would leave the Chinese ‘app’ in a bad position.

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Zuckerberg changes Facebook to look like TikTok and appeal to young people