You won’t believe what Mark Zuckerberg hides in his garage

Thanks to his short but successful career, the founder of Facebook adds a few million in his bank account, with which he doesn’t miss an opportunity to flaunt his eccentric specimens. Swipe and find out what it’s all about!

mark zuckerberg It continues to cause a furore on social media. At just 38 years old, and in just 18 years, the famous founder of Facebook has managed to accumulate a huge millionaire in his bank account with which he can indulge all the whims that come to mind. Undoubtedly, money is not a problem for the American who has a dream life.

Despite the hard blow suffered this year, Mark continues in a privileged economic position with a fortune of 35.5 billion dollars. However, his eccentric collection is on everyone’s lips and became a storm of criticism from some of his followers. At Tork we show you the details…

1.Honda Fit

Despite the fact that he recently decided to get rid of it, it was some specimens that caught his attention in his collection. One of the most modest models and a huge trunk that becomes one of the main features that stands out. However, it is still a classic example of the average family, which surprises us coming from the hand of the founder of Facebook. Its value is around $40,000.

2.Volkswagen Golf GTI

To the surprise of many, the American also has a cheap Volkswagen belonging to the third generation. Its market value is around $45,000. A very balanced car, with good materials and the necessary comfort for a comfortable ride. Its sobriety and functionality attract attention, along with the personality of Mark Zuckerberg.

3.Acura TSX

This model has the particularity of being a car that is no longer manufactured. It is equivalent to a Honda Accord in Europe, a saloon in the D segment whose price used to not exceed $30,000. A bargain! A vehicle without a doubt very discreet, especially for someone who has an immense fortune. However, Mark did not hesitate to add to his particular garage that hides several secrets.

As we can see, despite being one of the billionaire men, Mark Zuckerberg does not hesitate to squander his money in a rather stingy way. A collection that astonished his fans who expected more from this personality, but without a doubt, let us see another facet of the American businessman. And did you know this side of the founder of Facebook?

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You won’t believe what Mark Zuckerberg hides in his garage